Unit conversion unfair

So I had enough hellion prepatch to turn my hellion from 16-17. Now i upgraded my hellion and it turned from 45-46. When you increased the upgrade costs, shouldn’t you have converted our units to equal value? There is no way for me to turn my hellion to max level now or level 50

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The remaining upgrades do not take any cards or dust (or time, they are instant) so you should be able to shortly get up to 50 once your 45 to 46 upgrade completes!

Ahhh it makes sense now. It sure eats up a lot of coins.

Glad it makes sense! I would encourage you to try to advance in the campaign as much as you can since it really starts generating tons of daily coins by the time you get to the end (a little more than 5M each day when you finish, not even counting the elite bonus!)

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