Unfair Event - Worst Medal Distribution ever

Hi, i’m Sisifo and i just want to let you all know that, in the actual even “Reforge” or whatever, i spent a lot of gems in vain; event is about to end, and other guys are esrning between 20 to 60 medals per win (even more in some cases, between 80 -100), and, my last 8 won battles i have just earned 5 medals.
So basically this Event is telling loud and clear: “spend as much money and time as you want Sisifo, but the 1st place is not reachable, at least not for you”
So thanks, you just lost a loyal customer…

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Hi @Sisifo there’s already an active discussion on this topic with a bunch of graphs and data. Please continue the conversation here: Number of medals rewarded

Sorry for your bad experience with event medals sisifo.

Also, tl;dr from that thread – While I think the current system has a lot of merit (it rewards skilled players like you, believe it or not), it was WAY too complicated to understand and left everyone feeling like they were getting shafted the more they won. That’s no good, and your feedback helped us understand that … and so we’re overhauling how we do event medals ASAP – it’s in testing right now, and I hope/expect we’ll release it for the very next event (i.e., tomorrow). For more detail, please see the thread S7campusLifer linked!