Unexpected error . Constantly

Anyone else seeing this error ? Happens 10 sec after game launch.

Yea. It happens during my matches, events and raids.

This is still happening!! Can’t play the game as it appears at launch… sent emails to support about this but no replies…

Update didn’t resolve this issue!!

Error constant in mornings

Why the f**ck hasn’t a dev addressed this yet?? The response times are getting worse and worse

So I received a reply from tech support just before recent patch saying this should resolve but didn’t.

Every morning these errors are constant. In the evening it works ok… this doesnt help if one is trying to do daily quests or complete in events

I just got it again. Trying to upgrade a unit to lvl 48 with diamonds. AND IT STILL TOOK 8k OF MY DIAMONDS, BUT NO UPGRADE!!

@S7campusLifer @S7NotABot @S7Dragon @S7Dave y’all are getting even MORE disrespectful than before. You guys aren’t bothering to reply to a single post. There’s no excuse for this at all. I really, really hope y’all are seeing a major drop in the amount of money coming in. The only thing I’ve purchased since you guys trashed our game is Elite. And I’m only doing 7 days at a time because I don’t trust you guys. I’m just waiting for the day that I log on and there is no game to be found. I really hope your salaries are greatly affected as well, because that’s what would happen with any other business if it was ran like your company. Mirroring Pocket Gems perfectly, aren’t ya?

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