Unexpected death syndrome


Survive massive 2 player assault - check.
Turn the tide overwhelmingly in ‘our’ favour - check.
Deal final cunning blow - fail?!

When there’s no ongoing attack on my commander’s ‘base’, not even a shadowy invisible ninja dude slashing away in secret, how is it that I/we suddenly inexplicably explode in a fiery defeat (a lot) when all the death-dealing is going on up the other end of tge pitch? Can this be explained by say one tiny wee bullet that is invisible to the naked eye - or something akin - incredulously finding its mark? Shrapnel from the actual battle miles away on the right of the screen? Or am I missing something strategy-wise?

Have reviewed vid of last battle, eg., and clearly 3 energy node things intact, no hits at all on commander base … yet poof! - oblivion.
Screenshot 1 sec before heroic victory denied is attached.



From the screenshot, Overtime is in-progress and both barriers have fallen, meaning that the base is now suffering burn damage, which ended the match. Update 2.10 will be retuning Overtime a bit, so please look forward to our coming release notes for details!


Ah - the sinister red glow at left. Got you.


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