Understanding player activity

I think it would be much better for alliance leaders if we could see how active a player is by how long it’s been since they’ve last logged into the game. This would help a lot more than the current system that in essence needs to be decoded to understand how active each player is. I for one am shown as inactive but I log in daily and spend a few hours at least playing. What do u guys think? Last log in timer or the current system?


Last log in timer most definitely. I would also like to see a breakdown of activity when you view their profile, available for leaders and officers.

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Yess! Maybe adjust the way you send invites for 2v2 modes like raid, mines, multiplayer… a feature to invite specific people that are online in our alliance instead of blasting the chat. It would make coordinating with team mates a lot easier and you won’t have to worry about the one random person that jumps in and messes up what you and a team mate are doing together

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