Unable to rebuild Energy generators in event battles

This is happening during event battles in the Boom event. After building all three energy generators if one or more of them are destroyed by my opponent, I am unable to rebuild them.

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Hi @Freelancer! Thank you for reporting this problem. May I ask how many times this has happened to you?

This happened to me too. I couldn’t rebuild the power plant once it’s destroyed. Really annoying bug and makes the fight unfair.

It happened to me once as well for this event and never happen before. Please look into it. Thanks

Same here. It happens every match once I placed all of my power plants down.

Happens to me in every event, pretty much

Hi @S7campusLifer,

If I remember correctly, it happened 3 or 4 times during this past event.

Thought this was intended lol

Hi all

  • Are there specific events where this is more likely to happen than others?
  • Do you ever see it happen in non-events?

Thank you for the information. Just trying to figure out how we can reproduce this with a debugger attached “in the lab” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s just recent events, so maybe a new patch caused it. Once you have all generators up and one gets broken, you can’t rebuild it

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