Unable to build power plants in game after destruction


Hello S7 team,

my team mate and me was unable to build up our power plants again in one battle. We initialy built them up, the icon for the power plants went away and then two of them where destroyed by the enemy. We was not able to build them up again. We had enough power to build them, but icon was unavailable.
Happened 6th February 2019 20:45.


Please check and fix this issue,

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum



Hi @ZeltaZum. Thanks for reporting. For sure it’s a bug — that shouldn’t be happening. We’ve seen it happen occasionally too, but we’ve never managed to catch it happening “in the lab” while we have a debugger attached to the game. If you have consistent steps to reproduce the problem, it would be helpful!



Sadly I don’t know how to reproduce the behavior. But it happens also with the new release.
And it happens relatively often to me, so if you play 20 games, you should see the behavior in one battle.

More screenshots
image image image image image image image image



Just had this glitch myself. First I’ve seen it happen but it went down just as detailed above.



Hello again!

I finally have an assumption, what the problem can be.

There seems to be a counter for the number of power plants you already have deployed (or can deploy). It is shown as a “stack” of cards for power plants in the lower left corner. Stack is reduced when a power plant is deployed and incremented if one is destroyed.

For 1vs1 battles these is working great. The power plant card stack is reduced by one card if you are built one plant and it is going away completely if you built your three plants (shows “max” instead). If a plant is destroyed, the stack comes back.

For 2vs2 battles the mechanism is buggy.
So sometimes (or often) my card stack is not reduced if my battle partner built a plant. So even if all three plants are built, I still see the card stack and it seems, that I can deploy another power plant card but it always shows “invalid placement” if I try to deploy it somewhere.
Sometimes the stack goes away like it should and shows “max”. But most time it is not working properly.

I assume, there is a syncing problem between the two counters of both participants as partners for the 2vs2 battles. This ends up in the problem described at first by me and in the other problems with the power plants.

Maybe your devs can watch over this and find the issue now :wink:




Hello again,

After a lot of playing, I see this behavior nearly always if two power plants are destroyed shortly after each other or at the same time.

To reproduce it, play with rogue (all four) and have missles with you. Build up all six plants (both sides). Destroy the upper barricade of the enemy and shoot missles on the plants, so that both gets destroyed. Check, if the enemy can build plants (if the bug appears). If not, repeat until it happens.

BTW. I use this bug as a strategy. always attack the upper barricade first! You will always be able to destroy two plants instead of only one. If the bug appears, the opponents lost already.

Please fix this ASAP!

Bye ZeltaZum



Hi @ZeltaZum. Thank you so much for sending us steps to reproduce.


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