Ummm, what?

So instead of answering us, you guys post some lame comment that didn’t even pertain to the body of Top Alliances Are Close to Walking, and then CLOSED the whole thing??? Still with no response? What is actually going on over there? I cannot believe how disrespectful you guys are!

I guess now is a good time to tell you, I own one the most successful and popular gaming blogs there is. I’ve been waiting to write a review about your game, hoping things would get better, but this was the absolute last straw.

I don’t think it’s going to matter until they see something tangible or that can be measured by their analytics like revenue, churn or MAU. Unless it’s one of those I don’t think they’re going to really care lol


I hav no idea what yu sayed
And tf man ummmmm what dosent seem like a topic

Feels like they were looking for that one excuse to shut that thread down. Shutting down a thread makes it worse for them, and they didn’t think of the effects in making that decision.

It’s a response to the thread of issues (since launch) pointed out by the community, which was later shut down by the developers after one measly comment was made. Looking at your “Join date” into Wild Beyond, you’re new to this game. This game had a bad launch that is next to other games like Fallout 76 or Anthem. Lots of gamebreaking bugs and such were ignored from October 2018 to this day.

For context, the link to the thread is here:

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What @SolidWorkMan said.

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