Turning excess legs and epics into season tokens

Would make me so happy

That or coins. It would also be nice to have a way to convert alliance tokens to coins (in large quantities) or season tokens too since top players are now just accumulating them.

The level cap isn’t at max, the games under a year old and that would just push higher levels further away which is why a level cap is put into every game. If they do this then the exodus of people leaving this game will be even stronger than it already is. Plus, when the max level is increased and you need 2k each card, I’m sure you’ll regret swapping them if this was an option. That’s just my opinion on this at least

No you misunderstand, when you max a unit you continue to earn copies of it with which you can do nothing if they are epic or legendary, since you cannot donate or trade those rarities. We don’t want the cap to increase, we want coins or something else of value instead of those now useless but very valuable cards.

I know you aren’t asking for the cap to be increased but in the majority of games like this under a year old, normally increase the cap until they feel they reached the sweet spot, it’s the only way they can reliably continue to monetize the same game. After a certain percent of the community hits cap, they lose profit so they increase it again and honestly, based on other games, a month before they increase the cap they release a “dumping” mechanic such as this and then everyone regrets wasting resources for a quick gain instead of saving for a new max level

We spoke about this before on another thread, and I think the option would be nice. I have thousands of un-used units I would trade for a chance of upgrading units I’m using now.

The problem is we are all coins and season coins broke so we are trying to find ways to earn more

Conversion into Season Tokens is probably not going to happen, but we do plan to have the excess cards become something of value in the game. I don’t want to set expectations that this is “just around the corner” though. We’ve got a lot to work on before this one appears on the horizon.

Will the level cap be raised again?

“never say never”, but that is not currently something we have in the plans.

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