Troubleshooting how to max out season one units

Does anyone know what to do to max out reaper if you have donated pieces & You can’t get them anywhere else?

Why was allowed to begin with & how can I fix this ?image

Put in a ticket and they will give you the two copies

How…? Isn’t this a ticket.??

No. This is not the way in submitting a ticket.


Here are the steps into submitting a ticket:

  1. Go into “SETTINGS” that is next to the “QUESTS” button in the bottom left corner.

  2. Then head over to the “ACCOUNTS” category, and click “CONTACT US”.

  3. From there on, write out the details of this incident and they’ll resolve this issue for you.

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Thank you for the detailed instructions SolidWorkMan!

This is a forum for discussion and questions.
Official support requests need to be submitted through the app because it also provides information for our team to identify your account.

Issues like this one are best brought to our support team at, or via e-mail at If you haven’t reached out to us there, please do so that we can restore your donated units.

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