Transport Warp too strong

The transport warp transports all units to one location. Once someone breaks the barrier, they can transport all units right to the base and the game is over in a second if there are enough units on the field. I think it’s power can be reduced by only transporting all level 1 units or the farthest three units.

if there are that many units on the field and your barriers are broken it can be over in a second with or without teleport.

It May be strong @ events where u get all Units from all factions. But it is way weaker if you Play it in normal 1v1 ranked Games where you cant teleport a nuketruck for example.

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I disagree it can be over once a barrier is down, a lot of times I’m able to push back.

I didn’t know nuke trucks can’t be transported! That was why I was thinking the warp would be too strong, so thanks for clearing that up.

Well you can teleport a nuke truck in events when teleport and nuke truck are event cards. He means they are two different factions and can’t use both together in regular 1v1

As much as I love playing ascension, warp is the most overpowered thing I’ve ever seen especially combine with the deterioration of barricades in overtime. I was playing a game where we hit overtime with the other side down and us with both barricades up and we were completely holding back the enemy but suddenly our first barricade drops due to deterioration in OT and the warp goes right next to the base and boom we loose just like that. There is no real strategy, it’s an I win button.

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If its so strong why nearly nobody of the top players use it?
It can be strong but Most of the Time if i break the Barrier First the signs are good to win the game without it.

It’s just really good for events, same for the other two, they all are fairly balanced

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