Transitioning to the new multiplayer ranking matchmaker system


  • We’ve received lots of feedback on the current multiplayer matchmaking system.
  • We are planning to switch from an “ELO based” ranking matchmaker system to a matchmaker based on the level of your cards.
  • Part of this change will involve changing the current “ranks” (e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) to something more based on card levels (e.g., the arena which only allows cards up to a maximum of level 14.)
  • Existing players will be automatically transitioned from the old system to the new system at the time this feature is released.
  • If you want to transition to a high rank at transition time, it will be based on the card levels in your top deck per faction. If you want to optimize your placement prior to this transition, you should optimize your time towards getting 3x good decks. Note that the “factional rank” (e.g., Bronze) will NOT be part of the calculation because it won’t make sense in the new system. We don’t want players to get mapped to an arena which is too hard for them – it will be based on card levels.
  • Of course, once the new system is in place, everyone can also just play and climb the ranks in the new system.
  • We expect it to take at least 1-2 months for this updated system released, but we are releasing this announcement ahead of time so players have time to start building towards an optimal transition.