Top alliances are close to walking

Two of your top alliances, Royal Guard and The Dark Angels, are talking about quitting. All of us. Changes NEED to be made, we NEED to be listened to. To be clear, it’s not just the players in these two alliances that are irritated. People across the board are just about fed up.

Below you will find our complaints. Please don’t dismiss this!

Edit: this post is open to everyone to share your frustration with this game. This isn’t limited to top players. We need to hear from new players as well. Thank you!

  1. Fix the medal loss to gain ratio 3Ls to bots is -100 medals but a win is +4 medals.
  2. Stop nerfing players if they are matched up to a boosted player.

Fix the coin issue. You know darn well we aren’t happy with the amount of coins we are awarded.


And you know it’s not just them I get waaaay easy battles then super tough ones. A fair fight where the best strategy would be so much better than having to go against someone with lv 15/16 troops and I have lv 13 as my highest. Nor is it fun to have a 3 second battle and it’s not fun for the person getting WHOPPED cause they have lv 8 stuff. You said balancing was “fixed” but it really hasn’t it just makes sure it doesn’t really matter what level troops you have because you will be stuck there.


its just ridiculous. today i was loosing twice against silver bots. if i win a game against them i „earn“ two medals. i m facing the next update with the impression, that stone class bots will win against my challenger decks…


Everything complained about in here:

Has gone in the opposite direction and gotten much much worse as posted in here:

Hope they figure it out soon at this point I don’t think I can comment on this any more without getting myself banned for inappropriate speech :rofl:


and to be clear : your balancing improvement makes it completely useless to buy anything or spent money for upgrades. if your 3400 medal deck will be spanked by some silver bots - well imo u can have this experience with exactly spending no money at all - all you got to do is create a new account


DrSzell is absolutely correct and so is spider. How can we be nerfed based on our skill level and play against boosted “live bots” which, if i am correct, are boosted to match our deck power and skill level and yet not gain the same rewards for a win? It is quite ridiculous that, although hopefully not your intent, top players again are getting punished for helping fund your game in the hopes that it will become better. Today i have seen a majority of these “live bots” as you have referred to them before and I am ok with that as it proves to be a welcome challenge.

the issue is we lose as if we were losing to a non-boosted lower rank player, and yield the same rewards as if we won against a lower ranked player

How can you boost to match and not match the win/loss ratio?

As it sits now, the game is very much broken since the update which is quite the shame. I was truly excited about the new season units and spending money to get them, but as DrSzell says, why bother spending any money when you will get the same experience for free?

If i were to rate this game as it stands right now, it would definitely be a 1 as the experience of having a game that was good with some minor issues has turned into merely a good concept with poor application.

You will never create a solid player base if those that are funding your game development are unhappy.

No more money will be spent on this game, and I will only be logging on to check to see if you have replied.


The coin issue is my biggest aggravation. I have so many upgrades and I’m always grinding for pennies when I need dollars. They nerfed the coin payouts so much that all the new players have little to no chance of catching up to the players that leveled up theirs before the change. Way to bend us all over and give us the middle finger (whole arm included)!!!


They could have at least used a little lubrication :joy:


Too much,too far. Wrecked the game in so many ways.


304 coins from TWO chests as a champion? Excuse me?? THIS is what I’m so pissed about personally. You guys are basically stealing from us after we’ve invested thousands of dollars into your game. There’s no excuse for coins to be nerfed like this!!


I’m not sure if it matters to “the powers that be” but I was averaging a good $50 or so per day for a while. No longer. I’m not even buying the dinky $10 event chests, which would previously been an immediate thing. The wildly varying value offered in the chests, and the fact that $100 won’t even upgrade a single unit for me anymore, strongly suggests a profound disrespect for those of us willing to spend money on the game.

Consequently, my play time has plummeted, too. The matchmaking issues make the game a time sink without any sense of accomplishment in the end, and after all the entire point of gamification is to associate a desirable behavior (in this case, playing the game and buying in the store) with a feeling of achievement. Somewhere along the line, someone up there appears to have decided players will sink further if you just take away the reward/achievement. Disrespectful and really wrong.

I’m getting to the point where, like you, I’m primarily animated by frustration and the need to check the forums for some new fresh insult visited upon us.

I feel bad for the guys manning the forums and respect their continued (if sporadic) interactions. Dealing with frustrated people — especially if you aren’t controlling the things pissing them off — can be a soul suck. Good on them, but at least tell us our feedback on these issues is being passed on to those making the decisions.


This is somewhere along the lines of what players have been experiencing in current match making. It’s in both 1v1 and 2v2 and I’ve never had much of a complaint about the boosting. However, as of now this game is nearly unplayable with these matchups. Idk what happened but the rank of any boosted match should be close if not dead even. Regardless of who was boosted we should see a similar ranked opponent and should win/lose a similar number of medals. That one loss took me for like 40 medals at least and the next game I won 1. This has got to be fixed and soon or people will start to quit entirely.


This is a bug which we consider very bad. We’ve already fixed our code, but it’s going to require an app update through the App Store to fix it.

There’s already an active thread on this topic with 100+ responses. I’ve written many long responses to that thread, please continue the discussion on this over there: Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that

I’m sorry I’m not able to respond to everything point-by-point aside from giving this quick response. I need to focus on fixing the many active fires we’re working on right now. But please know that we’ve read this thread and all others and we are paying attention to what has been said.

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You see what frustrates us is this. While we appreciate the problems you are dealing with due to the new serious bugs, you made the decision to move forward with what is clearly a poorly beta tested new season which introduced those bugs rather than fix the issues your players consider to be incredibly serious first and now say we can’t work on those issues because we have to fix the new bugs.


I’m out. I think I’m done with this game even though this is the only game in my phone.


The top MMOs in the world are like 20 a month. But wild beyond is over 2000 a month just to be competitive. I’m sure the devs are embarrassed at how the sales people have ruined an otherwise great game. Let’s make it so only the top.05% of people can afford to play the game. Somebody should have gotten the boot :fire: months ago. Everyone and S7 has their jobs at risk due to bad leadership.


Thank you for acknowledging this post. Although I must say, if the team would’ve listened to their experienced players to begin with, this post wouldn’t even exist. If you guys would’ve listened to us, these bugs wouldn’t exist either, i.e. boosted player bugs. I’m sorry, but we are done being patient. Period. No more of this “we will get back to you eventually” b.s., we are demanding results now.

My hope is that the team takes this very seriously. The comments on this post are a fraction of what is talked about in global and alliance chats. Quite honestly, when I told everyone I made this post, a majority of them literally said, “there’s no point. They won’t listen to us and never will”. Do you understand the bad taste this has left in our mouths? We have invested in your game, helped pay for your salaries, WE are the reason you have a game to begin with. And now we are not asking anymore, we are demanding that we are heard and the issues we present to you are fixed, ideas are implemented, and hidden updates (including nerfing our resources) stop immediately.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say the reason we are so downright in your face about these things is because we have spent money. We are investors, not just random players. Treat us as such.


You want 2 instant changes that will convince us you are listening that will take next to no time to code? Bring coins up to at least the level we were getting with the full coin booster active, honestly that was too slow also but now the dribble of coins is beyond stupid. And I mean as the base, I don’t mean add back the coin booster so we can spend to get more coins, coin booster should be on top of that.

Revert the event packages back to the original amounts of chests, coins, and gems not this way less for the same amount.

Those 2 are easy changes that will show your good faith with your player base and that you are listening to us. We know things can’t be instantly fixed but those 2 were instantly nerfed and can be instantly fixed.

Show us you are listening, show us you give a damn about this game and your players/investors.