Top 3 players lost/gained medals after update?


Hello. The top 3 players have seemingly had something altered with their medals after the game updated.

First of all, we are not showing in the leaderboards. Secondly, I lost 150 medals now putting me at 3200 medals instead of my previous 3350. The same thing has happened to the other 2. What exactly is the meaning of this? :x Gaining 150 medals is a ton of work at champion rating and having such counts just stripped from my rank seems deliberately unfair.


Scratch that. 850 medals lost. 3 of the top 20 players have just announced in my chat that they’ve quit the game :confused: was this really the way to go about solving the issue? To revert people back that much? :sweat_smile:


I would truly like an explanation. None of us had any idea we were battling with AI or causing any issues with matchmaking. I know all of us who were high level- worked for it. We spent hours waiting for a match and played fairly. If you had an issue with matchmaking- penalizing your best players on a new game so dramatically is wrong and your diamonds given doesn’t nearly compare to the money and time spent to get to where we were. It’s not like every fight was easy and we would lose 20-30 points on each loss and only get 5 when we win- so it took a long time to level.


I really feel bad for you guys. You were our goal in the team. :frowning: anyway why are still in Master rank @Krissy


The worst part of it all is that we can’t even find a game to climb back up lol


Either you dont get a match (esp. in 2v2) or you’ll get Bots with level 14 units


And I’m stuck using Nash! Kuro and roxi only give 1 medal even if I win against equal or higher tier. I did a a 30 -0 run ang got 40 medals, another top 100 ready to quit here.


Your Kuro and Roxy’s ratings are low that’s why they give low medals. Just keep on using them to increase the ratings. Idk what this ratings are but this affects the medal you earned after the battle.


I did do that I blazed like 50 games between the two of them, got them working correctly, lost 1 match and now they are back to stupid


Damn another bug i guess


rofl right and you had that rank right at launch