Top 20 Alliance Robonotics Seeking Active Gold+

Participate in events, donate, 2v2, and have fun. Just apply. We are VERY Active. Please join.

You guys! You guys are good. I see you all the time

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Apply after the event. We want you! Lol

Goodluck!(but yโ€™all are gonna need more metals to beat us :joy::joy::joy:)

Itโ€™s spelled M E D A L S, Lol. And, no you donโ€™t have way more medals than we do. And, we have earned ours. We arenโ€™t riding the coattails of sister alliances either. That says a lot. And yea, you should worry enough about us beating you that you have to troll us on here, lol. Check your medals.

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Hahaha but still good luck!


The voice to text always corrects it to metals and doesnโ€™t pick up the โ€œdโ€ in medals. Just like how your girlfriend picked up the d after being corrected. Oh snap

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Wait. Are you talking to me? Who are you? Girlfriend? Iโ€™m a woman. Married to a man. Thereโ€™s a correction button. Go spank yourself. Another troll. :roll_eyes:

So women canโ€™t have girlfriends? Itโ€™s 2019 my girlfriend :joy:

Listen. I donโ€™t give a crap. Go away.

Weโ€™re just having fun here. Have a nice day :wink:


Lol still higher than yโ€™all. Wasnโ€™t being rude just sayin that yโ€™all did. I like the alliance and I am not even doing anything with main TG none of my members want to head over and no members from there have come over. Just being friendly saying good luck but you turned it around and insulted meโ€ฆ

Who cares. I really donโ€™t. Iโ€™m not taking it as being nice when you really had no business posting on my ad. I donโ€™t bother you. So why bother me? Iโ€™m Now seeing this as harassment. So just stop.

Lol harassment? I said good luck! Jeez