Too Much Waiting Time for Multiplayer and Campaigning


For multiplayer my screens simply stays on connecting all day because there are no players (I presume). I haven’t been matched up the last four times I’ve logged on. Is this a bug or was this game not built with bots/computers you can play? So we need to either wait for players (which gamers won’t do, they’ll switch to another app) or wait 60 minutes for tickets to campaign? This doesn’t seem well thought out for player retention. Either multiplayer should be unlimited with bots or campaigning should be unlimited. You can’t have that much lag time on both sides of the gaming platform (more than 3-5!minutes). People will leave really quick before this app gets traction. Either this issue on multiplayer is a bug or this was not well thought out.


We’re looking into any potential matchmaking issues that could be causing the queue times to lag a bit. Not sure how I feel about bots, probably a little…biased. :robot:

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