Tone of S7 staff

In the past 24-hours I have seen S7 staff calling names, talking down to people and just plain being condescending to just about anyone that provides negative feedback or says anything dissenting about the new update.
Yayyy you fixed the matchmaking and stopped some matchmaking complaints. While ruining the social experience and DESTROYING the economy of the game.
Posts providing actual numbers showing it’ll take 4+ years to get a single faction deck to 17, 20+ years if F2P to max all currently available cards.
Upgrading cards the YOU WANT/NEED requiring SIGNIFICANTLY more luck.
Need 3, or 6 or even 12 blue/rare cards to upgrade your faction leader? Well maxing you’re participation you get ~3 recruit chests per day, good luck getting those plasma turrets you need to level Kuro.
Posts showing it is now impossible to completely unlock more than one full page of season unlocks.
Posts showing it takes TWO WEEKS of maxed daily alliance rewards to get a SINGLE season unlock.
Game breaking bugs and issues all over the place. But you guys “fixed the foundation” of the game and stopped matchmaking complaints, so everything is just great.
But what do I know, I’m just a “biased yapper”.


Just to say… you seems condescendent and not very constructive in your comments… don’t expect to be heard that way… real life should have teach you that… or will… unless maybe you have luck and need to do nothing profiting from someone else heritage you might not deserve… Hopefully you will respect other people trying to balance other perspectives…

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try harder to keep a productive tone in my posts.

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