Timing of new season

Is there an ETA for the new season? I’m just curious about the approximate drop date, whether we’re looking at days or weeks or whatever.


While we are on the subject of ETA’s, I’m wondering when new worlds will be added to campaign? I beat all those a long time ago, it would be nice to know that more levels are in the works and an estimate of when they’ll drop.

The upcoming version update will coincide with the new season. We’re hoping that the answer to your question is “day(s)”, barring all contingencies.

I’m not sure on this one. I’ll put in a word that there’s interest in more PvE content.


Yes thank you, most definitely interested in more campaign levels.

Question about the season tokens: the ones we are collecting now from alliance quests, are those stacking up for the new season?

No, the objectives for yesterday’s Alliance Quests were still in Time Warp Season and Season 2: Phoenix Forge has not yet begun. The update and Season 2 should be going live today, which should make the future Alliance quests reward the new tokens.