Time warp season chests

I just received a lightbringer from a time warp chest. I was under the impression that we’d only be getting season 1 units from those. Is this a bug?

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Can get season 2 if they are event units

The event was over when I opened it but lightbringer was also not on the list

Interesting I wonder if Lightbringer will be in the event starting tomorrow

Should have screenshot it and posted it here it’s a lot of bugs :bug: in the game lately

Sorry about that. Please press the In-game “contact us” button and our support team will help fix your case.

Several of the chests I’ve bought with season tokens from the season rewards have awarded season 2 cards (e.g., typhoons). Is that also expected behavior?

Based on campuslifer’s reply I’d say it’s not and to submit a support ticket if you want to exchange the season 2 units for current (season 1) units

Yeah but I read that as chests from the event rewards. Maybe I should start a new thread, but I’m specifically talking about the chests in the season reward trees.

Never mind. “Time warp chest” is the same thing…oops!

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