Time warp redux


You said “all branches for all factions start off unlocked right away.” But the first thing I see is having to buy keys to open rare.

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Hi @Lyth I’m not sure what you’re talking about can you please send a screenshot?

The season’s tutorial should have a step where we give you enough Season Tokens to purchase keys to unlock every branch at once… is that what you’re referring to?

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There not all open at all and u only gave no :-1:t4: tokens for me at all only 2k and that’s from last event. And please add chest so we can use gems to get tokens to open more

Hi. I really want to fix this for you but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re talking about. Could you please send a screenshot of the issue you’re describing?

I think so, it said rare keys but it opened everything. So it seems fine.


There is a glitch in the rare cards branch. The second gold purchase costs 1250 tokens for 144k gold. The other gold purchases are in line with each other at 600 tokens per 120k gold. In the epic branch 144k gold cost only 750 tokens which is in line with the other gold purchases in the branches. Can this outlier be fixed?

I also did some math (I’m good at math), it’s a short season that can’t max out cards and despite that the cost for the whole legendary branch in one faction is 191480 tokens. The cost for the epic branch is 177730 tokens, and I didn’t do the rare cause I only need part of one rare. It seems much more expensive than last season. For example a legendary card last season cost 15000 this season it costs 25000 despite it being a shorter season. These cost s and the amount of non-unit purchases in the branch seem off, the branch is the same overall size as last season but a lot fewer of the purchases are cards.


Hey Lyth,

The overall costs of the branches are cheaper, although they do have fewer cards - whats not included here is that the events will have a chance to give some of the cards directly through chest prizes, and the chests in the season branches also give a random seasonal card. You now need fewer legendary cards to max out a legendary, so the cost is a bit more, and they are also a bit more rare than previously. The idea here is not that everyone can max out all the branches, but that you can get key cards you are missing by focusing on the branches you care about the most, and supplementing the seasonal earnings with seasonal cards directly from events.

Glad to see a chance at getting the units that were missed but disappointed in the cost (although the stuff between is not so pricy) as well as a shortage of total cards available.

Are we supposed to be able max the units? If not then this season will likely struggle to be successful.

Please add the season chest so we can spend gems to open it

It’s there…during the events only. This chest cost 750 gems for a couple of hundred tokens and 1 card. According to S7CampusLifer the chance of getting the dynamo in the chest is 1% and the chance of getting the dragonfly is 3.33%.

I for one will not waste gems on that rip off.

And don’t forget they took the coins out of the chest now how much of a drag is that like one card low tokens now and zero coins lol can anyone say dead soon feels like Star Wars all over again

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