Time warp pack missing coins

I noticed that the new value pack that was just added says you get a pile of coins in the description. But where you see the items listed, there’s just diamonds and chests. I figured there was something missing that was unintentional, just wanted to let you know. Thank you!

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I see this too, I also only see the $20 pack for the new event, the other packs are still from the zoom box one.

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We’re aware of the issue - the error is in the description, not in the value pack contents itself. The value pack contains chests with a large amount of season tokens and some guaranteed non-Season epic units. We’ll fix the description - thank you for pointing this out!

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How many season tokens are we talking about?

There are 1100-3000 season tokens in each chest. (This isn’t supposed to be a secret, but updating the text turns out to require a fix in the client which should be coming out soon.)

i purchased the time warp pack with 4 chests … i wasnt going to but when i looked at the description of chest says it also contains a massive chest which i never received

which technically means i should have 4 massive chests that i never received it said it contains a massive chest not “it is a massive chest”?? i never received what it said was inside and thats the only reason why i bought it😓 or else i never would have bothered(chest contains a chest)???

$20 for a max of one unlock in legendary tier? So I guess you’re banking on people spending an arm and a leg until they get all three keys and realize that it takes 20k tokens to unlock five boxes

It has a a massive chest’s amount of coins and cards, the difference is the season tokens

yea you find that out after words but thats not what the description claims i see it gives u 80 cards and 4 epics just said there was an extra chest inside technically which is the only reason i bought it right away. They wouldnt have changed description 2 hours later if this didnt create confusion. i just never woulda bought it cuz i thought i was get. 4 massives on top of everything😕

Do you think 1000-3000 coins is really worth it?

yea at the rate im gaining tokens without spending money its unrealistic to collect this many tokens in the next 2 months… the price of event tickets has increased suddenly to the point where youd be better off buying a chest . Challenger / top 100s allwAys win the top slots. how do you even get 50 wins without spending money in 2 days by the clock regenerating tickets every 90 mins… heres some quick math 4 tickets to start … 4 free tickets every 6 hours, so thats 16 tickets a day if you get them the second they pop up… hmm 32 tickets in 2 days, now i gotta win them all in unbalanced matches … might get the 25 wins and win 600 season tokens at best. sorry to go off just putting it into perspective … the epic page has even higher valued unlocks than the legendary page also

dont even wanna know what level 17 dynamo is worth is lv 16 is 12k plus

I’ve only been playing for about three weeks so far so I’m only level 22 and didn’t see how atrocious that gets. Have you ever played South Park Phone Destroyer? They monetize respectfully

We don’t intend for players to buy their way through all the seasons content - that’s why events pay out seasons tokens for earning wins and for placing on the leaderboards, and it’s also why seasons are designed to last for three months so there’s time to earn lots of season tokens just through participating.

We’re monitoring the income rate of season tokens throughout the season and will adjust things as we see how players are progressing through the trees earning things.

Please also keep in mind that the units will also graduate into regular chests after the season ends, so even if you don’t get them now you will have a chance to later (though it’s much more efficient to get them during the season).

Put you can’t deny that there are very bad systemic issues within the entire event structure that solely focuses on bringing in money. Like I keep telling people, South Park phone destroyer has three events a week and you don’t need to spend a single thing to participate. This instead just focuses on either pay for boxes, or pay for a refresh over and over at astronomical prices. Dev PR speak doesn’t work for micro transactions anymore.

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