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So, it looks like someone in the “monetization” department swigged their cynicism juice… I just noticed that the Time Warp chest pack no longer has coins in it and the chest count dropped from 15 to 8, but the price is still $100. Presumably, this is meant to take advantage of the impending season expiration?

Someone please tell me I’m wrong and this is a mistake? If not, then at least pass on to the exploiter-in-chief that they should at least bother to update the pack description, which still promises an “avalanche of coins” :roll_eyes:

Mine says 5k diamonds and 15 chests

Mine is 1500 diamonds and 8 chests :flushed:

I did a little looking into this and it’s because the Time Warp Luxury Pack is limited to 5 purchases per account, at which point it will be replaced with the Time Warp Chests Huge Pack above.

Why would you reward people who spend a lot of money on the game by halving the value they get for spending that money?


Thanks for looking. That’s about the dumbest thing I can imagine doing, for what it’s worth. I was aghast at myself for buying them at the last rate; there’s no chance I’ll be buying them now.

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I have spoken in other threads about voting with your wallet. When unhappy with a major change or the overall direction of the game you can complain or you can be demonstrative and no longer spend money on the game. I hadn’t spent any money in weeks other than re-upping my elite status because of several changes I was very unhappy with, most notably the value of the packages which was significantly reduced, and the decrease in payout of coins in order to “make it easier” for people who have less time to play somehow.

The devs fixed the most glaring problem with the coins issue… sort of… and recompensed the players for what we lost. That made me willing to spend again but the value of the event package was still not restored and I have very little need to buy the event package anymore anyhow so I was still not spending money. I was given a gift card for Father’s Day so I elected to purchase a Time Warp Package, the one with 15 chests and 5000 gems. Now looking at the content of the chests I got about 20,000 tokens and 65,000 coins… those were useful. I also got one blue card I needed, 14 I didn’t (that actually finished off my need for blue cards), and no white cards I needed (I don’t need any white cards), and 14 epic card I needed but mostly for cards I don’t play much, 1 epic card I already had at 17, and 2 legendary cards both needed. So for my $100 I got 5,000 gems, 65,000 coins, 20,000 tokens, 67 “needed” cards, and a lot of unneeded cards. Now with the new cost you would be asking me to spend the same $100 for 1,500 gems, half the amount of coins and tokens, and needed cards. This when I already wouldn’t spend the money for the cards as it is.

To spend money there has to be FAIR VALUE which is different for different players. But for me it’s certainly not that. This is why I made the suggestion in another thread that next seasons chests should be mostly filled with season 1 cards and skins, to give value to what you are asking us, the long term dedicated players who have gotten a lot of our cards to 17 (and probably already have the cards to max the rest if we had the coins) something for the money we spend. I never got a response from a developer in that thread as to what they think of that idea so my guess is they don’t want to do it.

So again we come to my original point of voting with your wallet. I don’t think the halved version of the seasons chest package is worth it (I am iffy on the normal one already and every time I get the cards to max out another unit it has less value), so I will not spend money on that.


I’m with you. I’m not going to keep swimming upstream when every decision feels like it’s made to keep me from spending money on the game…especially when I’ve demonstrated a willingness to do so. I’m not sure why the team responsible for monetizing the game works so hard to discourage me from spending money, but with this revelation I’m done not taking their hints.

Hey, thanks for starting this. First off, i really like playing this game daily. I like my guild. And I like climbing the ranks etc. however, I’m like Stan in that South Park episode, I’m an ingame cash addict. I have spent (and embarrassingly admit) around $1,500.00 usd on this game. I am very upset with the changes to the “deals.” I no longer can get coins at the rate I was getting before. With the amount of money I’ve spent, I should get a free round trip to your studio, upgrade all of my remaining units to max, and a t-shirt, hat, jacket, and lobster dinner with your CEO so he/she can thank me for buying their new Mercedes and putting their children through college (which is also a scam in this country as well.) I have THOUSANDS of extra common rare and epic cards sitting around doing nothing. If I don’t see an option to sell the extra for coins or your scam turning “alliance tokens” to “gold,” I will no longer help pay for your retirement. I am very disappointed and aghast at your shady tactics to get my money. Some may say I’m a sucker, I would probably agree. And some may say that I really do want to continue to enjoy the game at a less shady and more transparent way to spend my cash. I will go back to hearthstone if you don’t follow their way of expelling excess cards, because I can’t just earn enough coins through a daily donation of 8 cards and renewing my multiplayer chest rewards at a fair rate to cash spent any longer, unless you bring back the 100% increase in coins rewarded and a way to dump these useless cards. Just let me get rid of them by donating all my cards to every player in the game, because I already spent enough to do that.

  • unhappy addicted customer who will take his wallet elsewhere
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