Ticket times

A while ago I brought up the issue that given the upper limit of 4 event tickets and the regeneration time of 90 min a player cannot sleep or go to work without capping out their cards which is completely unreasonable to those of us who work for a living or want to play the game competitively but still get a full nights sleep.

I think it was @S7Dave who suggested they might change the ticket cap or the time to get tickets or some other compromise to deal with this issue. However like so many other things that are just to make the game better for the players it got forgotten about.

Is there any plan to make this better?


We have put tweaking events on pause while we work on the core systems.

We hope to swing back to the events once we get the core ranked modes back to a good place.

I understand that right now there are some major major issues to deal with. I want to keep this in the developers minds. I once played a now defunct game which had one event start as soon as the prior event ended and you had to do something every 3 hours during the event (in that one you couldn’t really save tickets) they actually realized how badly it was impacting the players and shifted it to one longer event from Friday afternoon till early Monday morning and only needing to play the event once every 12 hours and added some flex to the time so you didn’t need to set an alarm clock to really participate and be competitive.

Also the general aiming of events is terrible if you’re based in emea. The final push always happens during the night for us and we are severely hampered when we get knowcked down the ranks by two or three other players just getting that one more win … adds up to 10,000s events points lost pretty quickly.

Who have said … timing …

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