This week's Unstable Warp Event

What strategies are people enjoying?

I had thought an Avasa deck with lots of high tech armored units (which I could mimic) would be good to fight back against the reapers, but it’s not working so well…

Meta is early game rn which makes Avasa hard against ascension when we lob at early units and cap energy quick with the twin pokers. Using warp as a defense strategy instead of a “I win button” seems to help a lot. Ice Acolytes have become my new favorite unit as well over the last week.

How are you using the acolytes? Because I haven’t had a lot of success with them lately.

Throw those baby’s behind any tank and it’s like a wall of destruction lol I also have the cloning card so I’ll have like a four stack of acolytes on each side if I can manage it as well as the swarm unit, I can’t remember what that one’s called but it spits out three little walkers every few seconds. Also, freezing the reaper as soon as it crosses the barrier and taking it out cheaply with ascension missiles gives me a huge head start in the battle.

Best strategy is to high hell hope that your opponent or yourself have 2 or more mimics on hand when the “Grim Reaper” spawns in for an instant win.

This entire event is just entirely based on luck

@SolidWorkMan haha I don’t know about that. Certain decks have like a 1/4 win rate for sure :stuck_out_tongue: If it was all completely random based on draw, it would always even out at 2/4

I have been doing ok with rogue ramping into ant queen. The reaper and queen work well together.

The biggest thing I can’t understand about this event and seems to mess up any attempt at strategy is my reaper seems to spawn at a completely random level. At first it seemed to match the level of my commander but I’ve seen it as low as 6 levels under my commander level. I can’t run a decent strategy when I am expecting one level to spawn and it’s way way lower.