This update completely sucks

I’m sorry I love the game I just got my own alliance and it’s getting rebuilt but this update takes the cake for completely sucking please fix this I don’t wanna completely stop playing this game because of this horrible update

Hi @Majesticone36. Thanks for the feedback. May I get more detail on which parts you specifically dislike? Is it the card economy changes or the matchmaking or … ?

I see you are picking a choosing which threads/comments you will reply to. This is my second time messaging you.

I just messaged you in a thread with 26 replies and am still waiting on answers or my thread, “the cash grabbing GREED IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS “. Please, respond because I am done with the game until then.

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There’s no rank season pass it’s really bad 2000 now 20,000 that’s completely unexpected also unfair for us who are trying to get some complete or get at least get one card they don’t have

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