This patch is great!

When does it come out?

Hi @CrispyLardon! Thanks !

The whole dev team is very excited and hopeful about this release. I personally think it’s gonna be a lot of fun to try all these changes out — and spend the next couple of months earning some amazing new units again. We’ve all been playing this build internally and we’re very excited – it will be very fun to see how it performs in the wild outside the lab. You always have good feedback and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these changes once you’ve had a chance to play it for a while.

Normally we don’t give ETAs (because there’s too many factors out of our control.) In this case, I can say “very soon”. We’ve submitted our update to apple and their app review team keeps asking for more clarifications each day. I think it’s unwise for me to predict how many more rounds of requests they will have, but we had hoped to already be live with this update by now.

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Awesome! We’re all really excited!

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We are pretty excited too! :smiley:

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