This Needs To Stop

Because of the direction this game is headed in og players are leaving ( Some examples are Kumakitsune, and Ham) some of these problems include shuffle rigging and more p2w aswell as nerfs into oblivion.


To be perfectly frank, the disconnect between the quality of the game play (superb) and the quality of the game design in each release (ever more abysmal), is staggering. I’m not even trying to be mean or rude here, at all. I’m just legitimately curious at how such a disparity can come to be. Are there substantially different skill sets involved? Did the game change hands? Has the team lost some core developers? I just can’t fathom it.


I assume…and this is just guessing. There was an original design and assumed x return on investment.

Perhaps there were other external financial factors but it quickly pivoted toward revenue and this was the fastest way seemingly to get there. Not the most efficient but seemingly fastest.


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