This game is failing and here is why

the waiting time for a battle is too long dispite the recent modifications . This is because, most games would encourage people to play more. However this game does not, there is no incentive to play if your mutiplayer reward is not available. The quest system are fixed to quest such as “collect mutiplayer reward” and “upgrade unit” which is unreasonable. These quest should be seperate into a different category. Quest such as “play faction game” “ play unit” “ destroy barricades” …etc should be encourage. To promote player to play game in absences of mutiplayer rewaed chest. This will incrase the number of player online at all time, in turn this will reduce the waiting time for matches.


This actually makes sense. Having 2 types of quests (and probably different rewards) is a good way to promote multiplayer games.

Hear, hear!
The refresh cost is too high and the quests are just fishing for it.

I as well wish quests were grinable without refreshing.

Hi @MrDBig !

Thanks for the post and thanks for being a part of our community.

I think there’s a few different points all wrapped into a ball here.

Re: the waiting time to get into a battle: Yes, I totally agree this is a problem and we need to keep working to improve it. When you decompose the problem, it’s actually pretty different issues depending where how far you are into the game (along the continuum from first day player to newbie to expert). May I ask where along this curve you sit? I bet your experience with the wait time is very different depending.

Re: incentives. I definitely agree there should always be some incentive to continuously keep playing more if you want to. We have some plans to make some improvements here in future releases.

That said, I’m not personally convinced that this change alone will “fix the problem” for all players all along the curve from newbie to expert. For instance, if you look at newbie players early in the game they definitely wait way too long trying to get into battle, but most of that time is spent starting at it saying “connecting…” and loading screens (as opposed to looking for an opponent.) Having more players trying to play at this point in the curve won’t help this type of player very much. The thing which will help the experience for this set of players is speeding up the time it takes once already you have a chosen opponent to connect to your peers and load the battle engine on everyone’s devices.

Player retention is also a major factor in play here. I see high ranked players lose interest because there isn’t enough keeping them engaged. I know you are working on alliance features which is always a huge boost to player retention. The more consistent flash events also help, baring the major issues with it right now that’s even made me play the entire game less.

I think we continue to focus on match making balance, especially in events. Increased rewards in multiplayer, right now it’s pretty much just for the rankings and occasional epic chest drop, but this is mainly in terms of coins, not necessarily unit drops. And new units and features that is accessible and impactful for most players. These will keep us going in the growth path we all want to be on.

I know gamers are the most impatient people on the planet, and you are working hard to make us happy, so we will try to hang in there :+1::fist_right::fist_left:.

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