This game is a scam

This game is a goddamn scam and the developers are the biggest scammers ever, don’t spend money on the game because they’ll end up taking your money and won’t provide you with any pack, and when you try and send them a ticket, they’ll ignore it and close the ticket without helping you, man believe me, I’m 1 of the top 40 players in this game and I’ve been scammed multiple times, so as an advice, leave the game because it’s not worth ur time!!!

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To be fair, I’ve bought lots a packages previously and never had a problem. And I’ve put in a number of tickets and always had good responses usually with a fix in less then a day if it’s something fixable that way.

I’m the first to give feedback when I see a problem but I am also the first to tell them when they are doing a good job. In this I have not seen any issue.

I’ve also made multiple purchases without any hiccups, the correspondence i’ve Had with support, although can be slow at times, have all eventually come to a satisfactory solution.

There’s no need to discourage spending, after all, it could be someone’s livelihood. Let everyone come to their own conclusions if their spending was worth it or a scam.
It’s unfair to try to prevent it.

The continued silence in my thread about season token drop distribution suggests to me there IS some rigging of the drop probabilities going on, skewing to the low end. Presumably, this is to encourage additional spending, like a “house advantage”. In my case, once I began to suspect and ask about it, it’s had the opposite effect. I’ve forgone at least $380 in chest purchases, so I guess I should be grateful…

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Hi @Neko2

I can’t really respond to this without revealing the private information involving your support ticket. I’ve personally reviewed the support ticket and I feel pretty confident that we did the right things.

Are you okay with us talking about the details of your case in a public forum? I’m happy to do so if you say go ahead.

To be fair to them. Based on my personal experience I feel they have one of the best support phone games I have ever played. Never have problem with them. Keep up the good work !

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It would be nice to hear s7’s side of things, I hope Neko allows this so community gets a more in depth understanding of situation.

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