These stars splattered on all the cards

…are unsightly, ugly, and poorly executed. Why would you ruin the games art with that terrible implementation? The art is one of the very few remaining good qualities in this game.


They’re also just unnecessary… you already have one indicator, having two is not helpful.


It’s like looking at a game like summoners war we’re you level ur monsters by playing me to six stars lol :joy: this not that type game S7 come on man.

They literally add no information, they just make things look ugly. You’d think such a small misunderstood development team would use their limited resources on something that isn’t incredibly useless and ugly . . . on the plus side those dumb stars have probably delayed the next planned theft from player’s :rofl:


It’s very ugly when it have stars on our cards, they failed this game in every way. Did you change your CEO s7? :joy:

Welcome to the Pee Wee Herman game of Wild Beyond. Lame ass crowns and to make you feel extra special little stars on your cards when you are good little boys and girls.

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