There is no coin shortage. We do not need higher coin income

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This may be a controversial thread because everytime I watch the forum, people is talking about the coin problem. I don’t think there is any, and here I’ll explain why.

First of all, it may be the game design to add a layer of complexity by forcing you how to spend your resources. There has been a long time discussion whether the games should be easy or not. Check Sekiro discussion for example: the game design is to be difficult, thus feeling more rewarding when you actually beat the game.
Here we have the regular PvP game where you fight against people like you. That is hard, and you need to know how to create a balanced deck, think about in-game strategy and win. If we had all the coins we wanted, we eventually be all maxed out and this would the only layer of complexity to the game.

However, this game could be inherently different: it adds a layer le complexity that forces you to spend wisely your resources. You may want to be a collectionist, and that requires a lot of time but feels really rewarding (it is a very hard work and you cannot just pay and instantly get what you want). Or you may want to be at the top of leaderbords mastering just 1 faction and chosing wisely in what units you want to spend your coins.

I think the current state of the game is fantastic in terms of coin income. It allows us to farm something, but enables a mechanism to allow low rank players to keep it up with the daily reward.

Last, but not least, I think devs should focus in creating more content non related to coins, like alliance wars.

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Román R.


You are right but its a bit tooo low (coinincome) and in fact you say we have to farm but how should i farm when i have to play with my lowest hero that i found enemys…


Seriously, what in the actual #%$& are you rambling on about? This game is only like 10% pvp with all the bots the devs have to use. Their coin system is broke af and it is keeping anyone new joining the game. I’ve downloaded plenty of good games from the App Store and instantly uninstalled because I could tell their currency system was jacked. WB is no different. New players download and see the garbage they’ll have to put up with and delete the app.

WB is sadly a sinking ship… Not because game design but because their “end game” is impossible to achieve without deep a$$ pockets. Games that are PVP based have always been about endgame play… This game feels like a Korean RPG with the endless amount of grind.


According to your reasoning then finding the cards to upgrade (which is almost totally rng atm) is another layer of complexity?
I disagree with those saying that coins should rain from the sky, but what you are saying make little sense considering that events (the main source of f2p season tokens) force you to play with a random pool of units. The higher they are the better. If you focus only on some unit you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage

You have no idea what you are talking about, I’ve played many other games and this is about the worst economy I’ve ever played. I have trouble believing this is a legitamate thread and not either a planted thread or just someone trying to stir the pot. EVERYONE ELSE thinks there are not enough coins.


Actually what I believe are layers of complexity here:

  1. In-game strategy: how many energy plants to use, when and where to use units, etc
  1. Deck building: what is the current meta? Should my deck focus on the early push or late game build? What units are or are not strong?
  2. Long-term approach: should i focus in 1 faction to reach the top100? Or should I try to upgrade all units to have a similar deck power across factions?

The last one is what I believe it is a new layer of complexity that must addressed if you want to have a good experience while playing this game. The RNG income of cards to upgrade each unit or the coin income are just game mechanics for me. You cannot decide over them, and thats just how they work for every player.


Roman I get what you’re saying, every game needs a challenge otherwise it isn’t really a game, is it? But the economy is too low.

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I agree. But it is too low for everyone. So you can be better by planning how to use the very low coin income that we have.

I think of it like a new lever for me to outstand as a player. You know I’m in a kind of good position in the leaderboards without spending a single euro in this game but on elite subscription. That is possible and I didn’t need tons of coins.


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Dude… You’re delusional. I don’t care what your strategy or skill level is… You ain’t going to win when your opponent has level 17’s crapping on you. I have no idea what ranking you’re at, but honestly it can’t be horribly high; if it is l high, you’re a sellout or just trying to troll.


I respect your point of view, but I still believe that if you focus only on one faction your first two layers becomes irrelevant in events, where you can’t do anything because your opponents way outlevel your troops, because the cards you have to chiose from are not your high level one. Of course we all have our favorite faction (mine being the legion). I have a main deck where my troops are about a level above the rest because they are the one I like the most, so I buy copies when they rotate in the shop, but I had to upgrade other factions as well, because if I place too low at events I won’t get enough points to buy at least the epic cards and bring them at a decent level this season without dropping a ton of money, which I can’t afford to do atm. This process happens to be very coin expensive when you get at high levels. I would agree with you if the game only had ranked and you only used your favorite factions, but at the moment you are kinda required to have a good select non of competitive units because of the other modes in the game…


I agree events change the rules of the game by a bit. Interestingly enough, me being at very high position in the ranking I couldnt win a single event before when playing against People with almost all maxed units. However now ive got way bigger chances since new event pools are created with the total power of your available cards. Now ive got a lower potential total power, and i play against easier opponents. I’ve won a couple of events thanks to this new mechanic; before it was impossible.

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“Without spending a single euro”?!?

Bro you didn’t get those 17’s grinding away.


He said he bought the elite subscription.

This game has a ton of strategy to it on multiple levels. That has nothing to do with the fact that we can’t upgrade the cards we get because the coin is so low.


Oh geez that changes everything! Smh. You’re calling out my reading comprehension, but you can’t infer; I’m calling your alliance mate a lier!

He has spent money… Elite doesn’t lead to a stack of 17’s.

Stack of what? Ascension is my main and yet I’ve only got a few lvl17. Even my seraphs are just 14. And the 17 I have is because I spent wisely my coins.

Even the total pool potential…that doesn’t mean that is the number to truly useable cards like the last event featured pancakes…

Oh now I understand, you are saying that all your units are lv 15 and you just have to choose wisely which ones bring to 17…
I wish I could afford to spend money like you do