The Wunk is open to new members!

Looking for a new alliance? Look to the Wunk, where our cards are strong but our wunk is bigger. We have active officers and a very active leader (myself) and are looking for people who love the game and play often!
We are also open to other alliances who would like to merge into the Wunk. If your alliance is slacking, send me a message and we can work something out :nash_cool:

Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Do you help lower ranked team mates move up? Most other groups the top ranking members do not help with new members.

Of course, we pride ourselves in accepting and helping new players. We only accept bronze and up but we help all wunkers.

I’m looking for an active alliance.

How many active players do u have? We should talk about a merge. How do I dm you?

Wt f does wunk even mean

Laz I stg you’re triple reported for being 11

And I sent you a DM on the forums. I’ll be active most of the day tomorrow, hit me up!