The trouble with mimics

From what I’ve acquired so far playing this game, the go-to strat for Ascension is to use the eternal warrior/mimic combo. Is there a hard counter to this play, or is just something that’ll remain overpowered?

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Several. Keep in mind that eternal warriors are slow.
#1 is to quickly counter the mimic with an anti-air unit, kuro blast, grenade, etc. and shoot it out of the sky. Mimics have fairly low health before transforming.
#2 is to simply swarm them fast with many units, as eternal warriors don’t wipe out swarms effectively at all as the sword swing is very slow as well.
Barring that, several units effectively counter this strategy.
For legion, a rail dog behind defensive units will wipe them fairly fast. A confronter tank or longshots behind defenses will also take care of them pretty effectively.
For rogue, cartillerys or nuke trucks are extremely effective.
If you’re playing ascension against it, try your own defensive units like vanguards or eternals with seraphs backing them up. Or just use Giga and shield whatever you want to wear them down.


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This combo is far away from overpowered. There are many things you can do to stop it, but futhermore it is slow to execute and expensive.

Just remember storm kestrel (my personal favorite yet the least used card by the playerbase) completely shuts down any ground hard-hitting strategy. With the addition of warp you can even use the kestrel to punish the enemy lack of energy/cards after this combo by warping it immediately to the enemy base.

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