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This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about right here. 360 coins for 12 wins in gauntlet? I could get more than that from just a single round of multiplayer only opening a basic chest. I definitely think these rewards could do with a little overall improvement.

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Also on another side note, I still can’t edit my main posts here. @S7NotABot, were you able to find anything on that?

19. Adding Additional Deck Slots
Every good card game these days offers extra deck slots, and this game should be no exception.

Ever gotten tired of having to completely erase your entire deck, every time you wanted to try something new? (shaking your phone does make this faster: handy tip for those that didn’t know). Well worry no more! With additional deck slots, you could now create up to 3 custom decks that could be swapped between in the deck menu at any time. I’m even open to the idea of each of these slots costing additional diamonds to purchase.

20. Allowing Chat while Queued for Matches
Nothings worse than sitting in queue staring at a waiting to connect screen. I recommend allowing users to still chat in alliance and global while queued for matches

Lets face it, queue wait times are a bore. You really can’t do anything at all, and often times I find myself just cranking up the volume on my phone and setting it down while I work on something else waiting for a match. One way to help alleviate this problem though could be allowing players to still use chat while waiting to find a match.


I think sometimes you get more coins.


That’s exactly the problem though. It shouldn’t just be sometimes that you get good coins if you manage 12 wins. It should be consistent. You should always receive 10k+ coins if you manage that kind of win streak.

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Points #21 - 23 have been added in regards to Champions League.

#21 - Fixing the Champions League bug that causes all of a members factions, replays, and opponents to appear as being Champion rank.

#22 - Creating consistency with Champions League rewards. All former ranks Diamond+ receive special limited “boxes” available in the store, alongside increased Multiplayer chest rewards. Champion is the only current exception to this.

#23 - Adding a notification for refresh rates/times for players reaching Champions League, or making the transition instantaneous like other leagues. (Champion is the only rank that is not awarded at the actual time of receiving it).

Full details can be found in my first post.


@S7NotABot, could you have the team look into this one?

24. Event Chests do not provide Seasonal Tokens
During the initial tutorial for the new season, it was stated that chests sold in the store contained seasonal tokens. However, I can confirm that this is not the case for the current beast mode events colossal chests, as I did not receive any.

I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but I’ve noticed that the current events colossal chests (for the ongoing beast mode event), do not provide any seasonal tokens. While it doesn’t necessarily bother me per se, I feel that this is something that could definitely upset other players. At the very least (if this is intended) I believe that the lack of seasonal tokens in these event chests should be clearly stated on the label, so as not to confuse anyone.

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Bump. Several issues mentioned within the thread have been addressed. Huge thanks to the team


Just to be clear- we agree strongly with most things in this thread and we’re working as quickly as we can to fix them. However we’re working with a limited set of resources and have to think about the ROI (return on investment) of any work we put in. Some things may seem like small obvious fixes but due to architecture or other factors it might actually be a large amount of work to change. We’re constantly evaluating these trade-offs and it means that some things take longer for us to get to than others. For example fixing the “online status” in alliances might take 2 weeks of an engineer due to being an architectural problem with various third parties and networking data centers. The same engineer could instead fix many crash/disconnect bugs, improve loading times and fix a few matchmaking issues in those two weeks. Obviously the impact of the latter is much higher so that’s what we’d focus on.

The above is just an illustrative example, but hopefully that helps illuminate the reality of how we make these kinds of trade-offs.

Some information regarding #23- Champion Rank. The Champion rank works differently than all other ranks because it is not just a medal requirement, it’s actually the Top 100 players (with at least 3200 medals). Once per day at UTC-10 we recalculate who the Top 100 players are, and some get knocked back to Challenger and others raised to Champion. We haven’t yet had enough players in the top ranks for that what you experience, but looking at how our Challenger/Champion crew is growing it should be the case pretty soon. Extrapolating forward in time you should expect a large amount of people in Challenger, jockeying for position to get into the Top 100 Champion group.

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As always, I appreciate the insightful feedback and responses. There are very few development teams I’ve interacted with that are as both positive and responsive as you, and I’m very thankful for the ongoing interactions you continue to have with your player-base.

In regards to the thread, points 25 and 26 have been added:

25. Increasing Incentives for Top 100 Players (recommended by Slade)
Currently, there is no reason to play Ranked past Champion, aside from seeing your name higher on the leaderboards

What’s the current value in pursuing the top spots on the regular leaderboards in Multiplayer? Well, there really isn’t any to be honest, aside from the basic bragging rights. I propose we change that. What I would like to see is an additional bonus to the monthly rewards shipment for players within the Top 100. Similar in a way to how events payouts work, there is even the option to give exclusive goodies to the Top 3 players (Be it something like coins, seasonal tokens, or even a fancy new portrait). Nothing drives competition more than pushing for top-tier rewards, and a monthly addition like this would give players that extra incentive to fight for the Top 100, and really push for the best spots on the leaderboard each month.

26. Providing special portraits/borders for fully maxing a faction
While this update would only apply to a smaller handful of your playerbase, it would be absolutely awesome to see

As with most games, reaching the maximum possible level for an entire faction is by no means an easy task. It requires tons of time, effort, and dedication. What I would like to see is an exclusive portrait/border+skin for players who 100% max out a faction. Considering how incredibly difficult this is to achieve, it is an accomplishment that I feel should definitely not go unnoticed. Something as simple as an exclusive hero skin, or an in game portrait, would be a nice touch.


You have to be really careful with things like rewarding only your top players. They already get more in events and such just by virtue of being more competitive. When you start rewarding just based on final standing you get a rich get richer mentality and you get a player base outside the top 100 that sees it and realizes they can’t get there without spending rediculous amounts of money. The majority of the player base gets disinterested and the game falls apart. I’ve seen it way too often in other games. Sometimes companies do it because they assume it will bring in more money but it usually just leads to a decline in the game and a decline in income.

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Virtue of being competitive? Lol okay Bernie Sanders


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a reward of monetary value though (such as coins or seasonal tokens). Alternative rewards for top players such as portraits would be a nice addition.

Another thing I would like to see is additional unlockable in-game emoji’s. This could be something nice to add in as say an alliance unlockable.


I’ve talked to them and they are working on higher tiered rewards for higher levels, I’m not sure how but it’s coming soon I guess


Pretty sure that was the recent changes to how event rewards function, multiplying base rewards for players with units of a higher level.

In regards to the thread, Points 25-30 have been added for discussion.

Of note, most importantly point 30, the contents/prices of event packs needs to be reverted back.

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Considering the event packs have been the same this entire time, the whole “spreadsheet” thing just doesn’t sit right with me. I see it as an excuse to change things without having a legitimate reason.


It’s unfortunate but I don’t think we are gonna get them to change that. The only thing we can hope for is to convince them to at least give rewards and make events structured less around gems, I think they as a company have a projected bottom line and they have that right but there are better ways going about it, like predicting the rise in price so simply titling their previous price as a sale for a limited time would have circumvented that. It’s all about public relations. I’ve told the devs many times I have no issue supporting them financially as long as they treat the community well and structure the game around fun and not money so everyone can enjoy it, or at least make price structure more invested into the elite membership instead of nickel and dime-ing the community every event


I’ll give myself credit for my evolving event trophy emblem idea :wink: very good list though


I have credited you with the suggestion in the main post.


Thanks :blush: I was just kidding anyway, I do think more intricate portraits and any kind of customization we could earn and not buy would add a lot