The Steps to Success




This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about right here. 360 coins for 12 wins in gauntlet? I could get more than that from just a single round of multiplayer only opening a basic chest. I definitely think these rewards could do with a little overall improvement.


Also on another side note, I still can’t edit my main posts here. @S7NotABot, were you able to find anything on that?

19. Adding Additional Deck Slots
Every good card game these days offers extra deck slots, and this game should be no exception.

Ever gotten tired of having to completely erase your entire deck, every time you wanted to try something new? (shaking your phone does make this faster: handy tip for those that didn’t know). Well worry no more! With additional deck slots, you could now create up to 3 custom decks that could be swapped between in the deck menu at any time. I’m even open to the idea of each of these slots costing additional diamonds to purchase.

20. Allowing Chat while Queued for Matches
Nothings worse than sitting in queue staring at a waiting to connect screen. I recommend allowing users to still chat in alliance and global while queued for matches

Lets face it, queue wait times are a bore. You really can’t do anything at all, and often times I find myself just cranking up the volume on my phone and setting it down while I work on something else waiting for a match. One way to help alleviate this problem though could be allowing players to still use chat while waiting to find a match.


I think sometimes you get more coins.


That’s exactly the problem though. It shouldn’t just be sometimes that you get good coins if you manage 12 wins. It should be consistent. You should always receive 10k+ coins if you manage that kind of win streak.