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Hello everyone,

Sunsets here. Let me start by saying that I absolutely love this game (I’m a Top 100 Diamond League player at the time of writing), and have already invested a great deal towards hoping this game succeeds.

That being said, I feel as though there are a few changes that could really help this game to truly shine:

  1. Unranked Play
    This is an important one. Put simply, we need to add in a separate option that allows players to play “Quick Matches” in multiplayer (both for single and 2v2) that does not affect rank.

Every good Elo based game also needs an unranked mode tailored towards its more casual audience, and this game is no exception. Unranked modes offer players the freedom to toy around with and fine-tune new deck ideas, abilities, and combinations without risking their own (or their teammates) hard-earned medals.

  1. Lowering Gauntlet Entry Fee
    The price to enter the Gauntlet is far too steep right now. It should either cost coins to enter (recommended), or have a much lower diamond entry fee.

The Gauntlet is a GREAT game mode, and provides excellent replayability, longevity and much needed content that can still be played end game. However, the problem is that the price is ridiculous just to actually join the game (And this is coming from someone who literally has thousands of diamonds to spend).

Modes like this need to be fairly priced for everyone, and more or less sustainable by the larger majority of your games free players. Personally, if I didn’t have tons of diamonds to spend, I would quite literally avoid the entire game mode altogether just because of the sheer cost of joining initially.

Personally, I find it to be a true shame to have such great game content just to block it from the majority of your playerbase behind a paywall. This is why I recommend changing the price/entry fee.

The entry fee should honestly be set in coins, and not in diamonds. Anywhere between 500-1000 coins sounds like a reasonable price point to me, and then the rewards should “repay” those coins for individuals able to maintain winstreaks.

For example:

Entry fee: 1000 coins
Rewards: 200 coins per victory up to a maximum of 2k (10 victories)

In effect this means that any player able to maintain an average of 5 wins will be able to effectively self sustain themselves in the Gauntlet, with the potential of profiting if they are skilled.

If for whatever reason though switching the entry fee to coins isn’t possible, I would at the very least recommend lowering that fee (20 diamonds seems much more reasonable).

It is important that if you want this game to survive in the long run, you allow your free players to continously play, or earn the right to play all your game modes.

  1. Card Limits/Chest Opens
    After receiving 3 colossal chests, I noticed I got the same type of unit 3 times, however my card “count” for that unit never actually went up. EDIT: This issue has been addressed by the development team. ALL cards are received in the initial first chest when receiving multiples of the same card, hence why the card count does not “appear” to go up. They are currently working on a fix for this.

This issue has been fixed by the dev team!

  1. Option to Store/Individually Open Purchased Chests
    Add a close screen or cancel option to the popup window you receive after purchasing chests. Only require individuals to open 1 chest at a time.

Right now, whenever I purchase chests, my only option is to open them immediately, and the game then proceeds to start opening all of them automatically (with my only option being to tap on the screen to continue). A lot of times however, I simply don’t want to open all of my chests right at that moment. The only workaround I’ve found for this is literally closing the app out, and then rebooting it, which forces the chests to stop opening, and stores them in the chest purchase screen.

  1. Fixing the Replay System
    Currently the replay system in Global Chat is broken. “Replay is no longer available” always appears even it you select the replay immediately after the match ends.

This issue has been fixed by the dev team!

  1. Making Legendary Cards Easier to Obtain
    Right now the game heavily favors a pay-to-win model. The odds of getting a Legendary card without paying at the moment are incredibly slim (You can find them in the store occassionally, and have a very slim chance of pulling them from chests below massive). I recommend adding a Massive Chest received for every 50 Multiplayer battles won, and a Colossal Chest for every 100 battles won.

I’m all for Legendary cards being more difficult to obtain, but they shouldn’t be nearly impossible to get for free players. The problem with the game right now is that free players will almost never be able to get past gold league without either spending real money, or grinding for months to try and farm enough gems to get just a few cards (and they’d still be far behind at that point).

I’ve invested a good amount, and noticed quite quickly how evident this issue is, especially once you begin seriously climbing the ranks. In diamond, playing strictly 1v1, it is literally impossible to beat an opponent who has spent more than you, even if they are playing an identical deck as you. With an equal skillset for both players, the player with the higher level cards will win every time.

  1. Hero Balancing
    Take a look at the Top 100 players. How many Kuro mains do you see? What about Giga? How often do you actually run into a Val in high ranked play? Not often. The problem here is that the Hero ability for Val and the early game faction cards for Ascension need to be looked at to better establish balance between all commanders.

The problem as I see it is that none of the heroes listed above truly bring enough to the table to compete with the likes of say a good Roxie or Cadet Avasa.

Take Val for example, her commander ability “Factory” is far weaker than her counterpart Roxie’s “Generator”, even in the best of hands. Roxie’s Commander ability finds value at any stage of the game, Val’s simply does not, as the bots generated just aren’t strong enough. Or lets look at Kuro/Giga, both more “defensively” oriented heroes. The problem? This is a game that heavily favors offense, an area where both Kuro and Giga are sorely outclassed. This fact is ESPECIALLY true in the ever so important early game.

The solution? Up the power of Val’s factory bots, and provide better card options for Ascension heroes early game (Even things like reducing the cost of plasma turrets from 4 to 3 or increasing their rate of fire could work).

  1. Cancelling Matchmaking
    As it currently stands, the cancel matchmaking button has a “delayed” response. What this means is that an opponent can STILL be found and connected to, even after selecting the option to cancel the match.

There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have time to play a match, hitting the cancel button, only to still be sucked into a game a few moments later. I’ve noticed this happens most often if I’ve been sitting in queue for an extended period of time. The cancel button should do exactly what it says on the label, exactly when you press it. If I cancel prior to the match actually starting, I shouldn’t still be forced to play. The system should either be adjusted to better reflect when a match is actually found, or change the cancel button to actually remove me from the PvP queue at the time of request.

9. Gauntlet Leaderboards
A simple stat tracker for Gauntlet mode. Can work off of a certain number of “points” earned per win. Unlike ranked PvP, points should not be removed for a loss. This can be a permanent ladderboard, or one that resets periodically.

Every good game mode needs a leaderboard to increase its longevity. Fighting each week for that #1 spot is what keeps most good games/matches running that much longer. I think having a simple leaderboard for gauntlet mode would make it that much more enjoyable, as nothings better than seeing how well you stack up against the competition.

10. Adding Faction/Hero Based Leaderboards
Play an Underdog Deck or Hero? Want to see how well you perform against others like you? Well now’s your chance to shine! With the addition of hero or faction based leaderboards, we can clearly tell who is playing the best for each specific faction and hero

Anyone whose made it up to diamond or higher will understand this struggle. Certain decks and heroes simply are not competitive in the current meta. It doesn’t matter how well you build them, or how hard you try, they will always have a harder time pulling out a win vs a more typical meta hero or deck.

To help counter this, and allow some of the games “underdogs” to truly shine, I highly recommend introducing faction/hero based leaderboards. The current leaderboard would still exist, but could be broken down further into factions, or even better heroes. Same concept, but factions would show the highest ranked players in order playing each faction, while heroes would show the highest ranked players with each hero.

11. Solo/2v2 Leaderboards
Solo is an entirely different style of play from 2v2 cooperative multiplayer, and should have its own leaderboard

Put simply, solo and duo queue are each their own respective modes. Climbing rank in solo is very different from climbing in 2v2. 2v2 has its own meta, commander combinations, and strategies that vary greatly from the strategies applied in 1v1. As such, I feel it should have its own distinct leaderboard.

12. Reverting the Chest Refresh Prices
Farming coins is now almost impossible to do. With the new refresh prices, players are forced to wait hours on end for resets.

The old chest prices were great. It wasn’t free, but it was reasonably priced (around 40 gems cap), so that players willing to invest could farm coins for upgrades. After the hidden update however, the price for refreshes skyrocketed, now costing upwards of hundreds of gems for a single refresh. With chests being the only real way to farm coins in-game, this has effectively removed players ability to gather coins and upgrade units - A primary focus of the game.

13. Fixing Chat “jumps”
New messages that appear in chat force the chat screen to “jump” all the way to the bottom

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to read the chat history just to have it randomly keep jumping to the bottom of the screen every time a new message appears. An alert that a new message is there is perfectly fine, and then when I want to read it, I can simply scroll down myself after I finish where I am.

14. Changing how cards received for maxed units work
Currently, receiving cards for units you have already maxed out is completely useless. Recommend these cards be automatically converted into either coins or diamonds

There is no reason to provide cards anymore for a maxed out unit. We either need an exchange function in game (that allows us to “sell” extra cards for coins/diamonds), or have cards received for these units automatically converted into coins for the player, as they literally serve no other purpose aside from trying to donate them.

15. Increasing coins received for donating units
The current exchange rate for units to coins via donations is extremely low.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges in the game is effectively farming coins. With the removal of easy-to-refresh multiplayer chests, most players are left struggling to collect the necessary coins to actually be able to upgrade their units. To help alleviate this issue, I recommend increasing the amount of coins received when players donate units. It doesn’t have to be significant, but it should definitely be more than it currently is.

16. Add a market/trading option to swap/sell units with other players (by Potsy)
Introduce a Trading center to swap units with other players

Tired of the thousands of useless extra units you’ve got stored up? Wish you could get some quick coins for them faster than waiting for someone else to drop a donation request? Well look no further, the marketplace is your answer.

Put simply, this would be a player driven market/exchange with its own interface:

  • Upon opening the market interface, Player A can sell extra units for coins/tokens
  • Once sold, Player B can then see player A’s units in the marketplace
  • Player B can now buy Player A’s units for coins/tokens


Reserved in case I need it later


You can already play Gauntlet for free for etnerity. My worst run was eight wins and I still got my 200 diamonds back.


I will adjust the main post to better reflect this. The problem though is that it costs 200 diamonds to begin with. Thats not a sustainable currency for free players. The rate for gaining diamonds without paying in this game is extremely slow (and often times spent on better things). So to base an entire game mode off diamonds simply is not a good idea.


:roxie_wow: Great post @Sunsets! This sets a gold standard for how to present feedback neatly and with examples. There’s a lot of things here that we want to address in the coming months.

Speaking as a player, for me personally, I’d love to see the replay system so that I can pinpoint the moment that I messed up so I can learn from my matches.

Commander and unit balancing is a constant here in the Wild Beyond Studios, so I can assure you that we’re playtesting different permutations of that on the daily. Fortunately, we’re also pretty evenly-split when it comes to faction die-hards here, so it’s hard to have one overlooked.

For the chest opening issue, I’ve provided an explanation here that were working on a fix for.


I agarre to most you said, specially lowering the cost of guanteletes entry fee. Also about lvling heros, both nerfing and boosting them up.
I would add letting players go to different screens without leaving matchmaking


Thank you for the awesome reply @S7NotABot. I’m glad to hear that some of these options are already being considered. I also very much so appreciate your response regarding how cards/chests work. I will update my main post to reflect this new information.

I will continue to adjust the thread with new ideas and suggestions as I come across them


Added 2 new ideas (please see main post for details):

  1. Leaderboard for Gauntlet mode
  2. Faction/Hero based Leaderboards


A Gauntlet leaderboard isn’t currently on our roadmap, but having faction-based leaderboards is. :giga_gg:


As always, thank you for the reply, very much appreciated. I’m excited to hear that faction based leaderboards are in the plans! I think it will be a great addition to the game.


Updated with points 11 and 12.

  • Split leaderboards for 2v2 and Solo Play
  • Revert multiplayer chest refresh prices (addressed by team but still looking for change)


A huge shoutout to the dev team for their hard work when it comes to improving the quality of the game. They have already addressed many of the issues brought up within this thread. Great work!

Main post has been updated to reflect problems that have been resolved.


Updated with points 13-15:

  • Fixing how chat works (dont force it to jump to the bottom for new messages)
  • Changing how cards received for maxed units works (auto convert to coins)
  • Increasing coins received for allied unit donations


Great post Sunsets. Maybe you could mention the trade option we talked about? Thanks, Potsy.


Your request has been added in to point 16, with credit provided.


Hello all, apologies for falling a little behind on addressing the suggestions brought up here.

8. Cancelling Matchmaking
We do have someone looking into improving the flow here, but its not on top of the list of priorities at the moment. Getting players matched fairly and in the shortest amount of time possible is a bigger focus at this time.

9. Gauntlet Leaderboards, 10. Adding Faction/Hero Based Leaderboards, & 11. Solo/2v2 Leaderboards
Generally, more granularity with leaderboards is something we’re planning to do in the future when higher-priority things are taken care of.

12. Reverting the Chest Refresh Prices
This has been addressed in posts elsewhere, but for now, refresh costs are remaining as they are in order to match time/diamond costs elsewhere. However, it’s clear that the feedback here is on having more ways to strengthen your units outside of having to wait for bonus chests, which we’re working on.

13. Fixing Chat “jumps”
This is ticketed––Thanks for reporting! It does sound really annoying.

14. Changing how cards received for maxed units work
It’s on our radar, but the details have not been ironed out yet.

15. Increasing coins received for donating units
I’ll have to get back you you all on this one.

16. Add a market/trading option to swap/sell units with other players (by Potsy)
An open market is not something we’re looking into implementing in Wild Beyond. There’s certain aspects of trading that could be exploited in a way that’s detrimental to the economy.