The sky is falling

The level of rage QQ here is getting tiresome. The community expresses it’s anger, S7 validates the complaints and says they are working on it…and the nag-fest beatdown over the EXACT same issue that they just said they would fix continues for thread after thread, post after post…needlessly.

Matchmaking was our #1 complaint. S7 has stated in other threads that 2v2 accounts for about 25% of all matches. With a small development team, that means they have to triage their issues. It makes sense that they would fix 1v1 first. They’ve said they’re going to fix 2v2 and they’ve made good on everything else they said they’d do. That’s good enough for me. They’ve acknowledged that the current card/scrap system needs adjustments. I fully expect that it will take a few months to fix some of the unforeseens and things that didn’t make it in on the first update. How many AAA game titles from big companies (cough, Bioware, cough) have rolled out incomplete games with huge development teams and millions in production $$$? Yet we expect a handful of people to move mountains overnight on a shoestring budget.

It’s disingenuous for us to scream the sky is falling and that we need a change, then turn around and scream about the change, too. It becomes a “WTF does everybody want” moment. My grandfather used to say, in response to incessant whining, “You’d bitch if you were hung with a new rope.” I think that’s applicable here. Those of you that are regulars on the forums know that I’m not a F2P player and that I have no problem voicing my displeasure, but trust me, this update isn’t the apocalypse promised in the Book of Revelation. The 1v1 matchmaking is great. S7 hit it out of the park on this. They’ve shown us what they can do. How about giving them credit for this and some breathing room to tackle the economy and 2v2? In the mean time, let’s provide CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, suggestions on fixes and a little patience. I’m confident S7 will get there.


I agree well said :+1:

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I agree with the 1v1 fix and you’re absolutely correct when you say these forums are a bitch fest. I like a lot of the changes however the dust needs to be fixed ASAP. I can’t update anything. I have the coin but only a small amount of dust from donating cards. Had they started us out with Dust that would have been something. Or earn Dust and Coins. I’m just stuck here. All my factions are very balanced. I was diamond with all three. I actually would upgrade only units in the events to maximize my rewards and to keep my decks even. But with this coming event I can’t upgrade anything. Simple fix (I know nothing is simple with coding and games) but give us back all our cards. Then we can scrap and get dust.


@Trident I made the same suggestion in another thread. Credit everyone with the appropriate amount of dust to upgrade anything that was upgradable prior to the update. I personally had over 50 upgrades pending and with the new material requirements, we’ve all been pushed back in our card leveling efforts. I think a dust credit would be well received and frankly would just restore us back to where we were pre-update (card upgrade-wise). The max level guys could be just given a bunch of dust to be used in future upgrades, so they aren’t starting at square 1 on it’s collection.

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@Klokwerk @S7campusLifer @S7Dave In addition can we get info on how many cards it takes to upgrade each unit?
I think it’s 12 for common, 3 per level for epic and 2 per level for legendary? This way we know what cards we can scrap and what we need to focus on getting. Thanks!

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Check out this piece

Sorry, dude, but your logic fails here. I agree that the forums are often a gratuitous beat-down on the devs. But this update involved HUGE changes to fundamentals of the game that were perfectly fine before. If the issue at hand were just spare dev resources, matchmaking could have been addressed without re-engineering whole parts of the game (and, incidentally, devaluing the expenditure of real cash money some folks have paid to enjoy those parts).

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So what was it you liked before that changed? 2v2? I like the new matchmaking. My bosses are level 12 and 13 and I was always playing level 16 and 17 players. I needed a really good deck draw to beat them. I agree they need to fix the dust and cards but based on what they are saying above, they are going to do that. So let’s video give them a couple days and see what happens.

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@Holeesmokes …I’m not saying that the complaints aren’t valid, just that the tone is unnecessary. A quick glance at my activity board shows me that you are my 2nd most liked poster. I consider your posts similar to mine, critical at times, but not unprofessional, and imo there is nothing wrong with that. The game grows by active players providing feedback to the devs. But the FU’s aren’t warranted.

I have significant concerns about the economy, unit advancement (dust), and 2v2. I’ve expressed my concerns, along with others. S7 said they will address those things. The other umpteen posts saying the same thing are just beating a dead horse and not making anything happen any quicker. If we keep both feet on the gas of the beatdown machine, we’ll end up shutting down lines of communication between us and the devs. I play several other games with zero communication with devs. We need to show a little gratitude that we have developers that are active on the forums.

I expect a large majority of the forum users have both feet firmly planted in the workforce. How do you feel when a customer (or your boss) comes in, talks a bunch of trash to you and the tells you how to do your job? You feel like giving that dbag your best effort, or just enough to get him off your back? Compare that to the customer who brings you a problem, is courteous to you, and just wants to get his problem resolved. I’ll go the extra mile for that 2nd guy, the first guy can walk and take his toxic attitude with him for all I care. All I’m saying is let’s be the 2nd guy. The devs are entitled to have some pride in their hard work. They’re also entitled to some praise when it’s warranted. Call it the carrot on a stick. All stick and no carrot is what we regularly hand them on the forums.

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It varies by card level and rarity.

Level common rare epic legendary
2 2
3 1
4 3
5 3 2
6 3 1
7 6 3
8 6 3 2
9 6 3 1
10 9 3 3
11 9 3 3 2
12 9 3 3 1
13 12 3 3 1
14 12 3 3 1
15 12 3 3 2
16 12 3 3 2
17 24 3 3 2
TOTAL 129 36 27 11
3,142 1,142 367 14
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@S7Dave you guys can keep ignoring me like a plague and I will keep writing.

Your upgrade list is completely bogus when you take dust into account.

It takes 216 dust to get three units to 17 from 16 to up your hero. Thus, that is 216 cards needing to be scrapped. Pure garbage.

Why don’t one of you devs respond to my thread where I have the math laid out.

You’re correct, it takes 216k scrap to upgrade three cards from 16 to 17. That is 216 commons but you can scrap cards of other rarity and earn a LOT more scrap (4k from rares, 15k from epics and 75k from legendaries). You also get 2.1k dust from donating a common card.

@S7Dave If you don’t know how ridiculous what you just wrote is then you and the other devs have truly lost base with the users.

You want us to scrap legendary units for 75k, lolllllll. These units come by once and a blue moon and your thoughts is for us to scrap them!?!?!?!

The tone is necessary because a lot of us have spent thousands of dollars for content that no longer exists. We’ve paid for diamonds that are now devalued. If they would’ve run a simple poll, none of this would be an issue. I agree that some of the complaints in the past were petty, but we have given the devs plenty of very good ideas for moving forward. To be ignored after investing in something we believe in is insulting, and that is why we are pissed. Fix the issues, but don’t change the entire game.


It makes sense for some players. It depends on how long you have been playing, etc.

I hope you didn’t remove any of the excess legendary cards then, the decrease in the cost to fully upgrade for a legendary does not justify decreasing our stockpile give how rare they were and how much rarer they are now.

@S7Dave I’ve been playing since the second month of this game when it launched. I do not and MOST WILL NOT have legendaries to spare.

You know what. I am done. I quit. I am over waiting for a change and getting excused. You and your devs have made this game trash. I will not waste my time anymore.


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