The problems with the update

Honestly, I don’t know what y’all were thinking, except probably that you need to make more money?

I’m also going to address what S7campusLifer also said elsewhere, because it’s obnoxiously wrong and I haven’t seen it addressed elsewhere.

  1. You broke the economy with dust.

S7campusLifer claims that this is just like hearthstone where you open packs for coins, then you have dupes and you break them down for other cards.

This is disanalogous and disingenuous. This isn’t at all like what you’re doing here. Before the update, you required coins and card dupes to upgrade cards (which doesn’t happen in Heathstone BTW), now you require coins, card dupes, AND dust, not coins OR dust. Unlike what you’ve said, this is NOT solving the issue of a level 17 player who has nothing to do with a punchbox he got. That would be the OR solution, where they could use that card to acquire a different card.

Instead you have an AND solution. Now if I have a level 12 common card, I need to DESTROY a legendary card to upgrade that common twice, no matter how many coins I have. The issue isn’t that you added a new currency. If you actually did what Hearthstone does and had an additional system for acquiring card dupes, that’s fine. But you replaced the existing upgrade economy in order to make players have to acquire more expensive card dupes and destroy them to progress at all. Hearthstone doesn’t do that.

That is to say, your new system sucks and is player hostile. I have to get rid of cards to advance, plus you made cards harder and more expensive to acquire.

  1. The advancement system is GARBAGE and player hostile.

To advance a star I have to win 60 matches more than I lose, per faction, per arena. What the what? You’re encouraging players to punch down, requiring them to rank up way past the arena and then trounce people. It’s so stupid and player hostile I don’t even think it needs more explanation.

So, despite having spent a good bit of money on the game, I’m on the verge of quitting as are many other players. Congratulations, you probably destroyed your game. I would recommend figuring out how to revert ASAP and figuring out another system to make more money (make elite better to acquire more subscribers? Make it automatically recurring? Make it cheaper to acquire coins so players are incentivized to actually pay for it?)


This update has me so infuriated that I’ve had to erase at least 10 posts I started because they were either going to break the code of conduct or would be to close to a personal attack on a dev.

I even erased part of this post for the same reason. I don’t like being this angry over a game which is supposed to be fun. I don’t like that I feel like I wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars and even more time on a game that has been turned into complete and utter schlock. And when I try to look at it from a distance it’s not just that they ignored our warnings, it’s not just that they ruined the game, the most infuriating part is despite all this, despite the fact that the forums have never been this active and it’s almost 100% complaints by the player base over the changes, is that S7CampusLifer is still trying to justify everything in every post he makes and won’t just admit they messed up and need to fix it.

S7Dave admitted it and apologized… I told him not accepted fix the thing but at least he apologized. @S7Dave I may not accept the apology because we warned you it was coming and you did it anyway and now it needs to be fixed before I can accept the apology, but I appreciate the gesture. With all the posts from S7CampusLifer it feels like he’s the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, he’s lost his arms and legs and still won’t give up fighting … “come on I’ll bite you knee cap…”

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