The Problem With Legendary Keys

Out of curiosity, why do you need 3 legendary keys just to unlock legendary units for 1 faction?

For those who don’t play the other factions much, is it really fair to force them to invest thousands of hard earned tokens for rewards they don’t really want, need, or will ever even use?

Now I might be the only one who feels this way, but I personally think that legendary rewards should be unlocked individually per faction, keeping consistent with how epic rewards are unlocked.


I agree totally. It is an unfair imposition of time and ultimately money if u don’t want to play the other classes. Players should be able to play the game as they want to. Also the lack of ways to get tokens makes this a nearly impossible task. There are a handful of very strong players in the game that ofcourse win and are ranked in event…in every event. There is no sharing of the prize so how is it possible to get thousands of tokens to unlock and upgrade the classes you don’t use. I try to win 50 matches in event but this is hard also and time doesn’t often allow it and I am a ranked player, I feel for those that are not. Sassy :pleading_face:

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I agree 100%. Also, not only is it unfair to those who do not like to play multiple races, but to those who lack the time. I personally only have a limited amount of time I can play and at this rate it will take me years to farm up enough tokens just to unlock the only race I play with. Please, change this feature.

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I was wondering bout this too. I was excited to sew legendary units till I realized how far out of reach they are. Not sure if it’s meant to gate legendary units till later in the season, but it should give players the option to max out the faction they are using, and not just invest to invest into others.

I agree. In my opinion it’s pure greed. The progression system and events are built to get people to spend money on loot crates, and now the seasons. There is no other reason to keep the progression of one faction locked behind progressing another.

Pls let us get legendarys for each Faction. Getting all 3 is way to much effort. Hope you hotfix this very soon.

I also agree with all the above

Quick response:

  • Our “economy experts” have been analyzing the seasons feature and monitoring whether it is working well. Now that legendaries are added, one of our “economy experts” has assigned himself to rabidly look at the model and watch what happens. If he finds it’s not working, for sure we’ll be making changes as he comes up with a plan. I’ll definitely point out this thread to him and make sure he’s considering your feedback.
  • The duration of a “season” is a pretty long time (I think we’re only a sixth of the way through the season right now.) Definitely our intention isn’t that everyone can earn a legendary “right away.” Our intention is that all players have exciting rewards to work towards throughout the entire period of the season.
  • To be clear: Our goal is that every player will have seasonal units to work towards until the season is over. That includes people at the very top. To make that possible, there needs to be things for people at the top to work towards all the way until the end of the season. As a result, for sure not every single player will get every single seasonal unit up to level 17 by the end of the season. After the season is over, at some point in the future these units will be put into the normal chests so that they can be earned in the same manner as something like Shadowblade or Nuke Truck. I actually don’t personally know exactly what “some point in the future” is, but the intention is that it is a much more direct way to earn these units through the season than waiting for them to appear in the chests.
  • I’m personally working on a feature which intends to generate significantly more rewards for players in active alliances. Once this feature is released, I’m sure everyone who is engaged enough to write in this forum will be earning way more seasons tokens than today. (wow i should really stop posting on the forums and get back to work :stuck_out_tongue:)

Please note this isn’t our “official response” but just what I’m jotting down as an individual drinking my coffee before I start my day. I don’t personally work on the R&D team for events & seasons and don’t personally make the decisions around it.


It will be nice to have better ways to earn more tokens. I’ve gotten what I think is a decent number so far but the majority were from spending to buy chests during events. I don’t mind spending money on a game I really like but there have to be limits I’ve spend over $200 since the seasons feature went in. That’s a large amount of money and lots of people have spent more and I’m sure lots have spent less. But the fact is most of my tokens have come from spending money, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have close to the number of tokens I do now and I certainly can’t keep spending at this rate through the whole season. I was figuring I could get one factions legendary and probably not very high but needing to get all 3 keys puts it way out of reach.

While I’m glad to see more rewards coming for being in an alliance, as a top play who has mostly maxed my main deck, I’ve spent most of my game money before the season time warp game out, I earned and bought all my rank chests prior to this feature as well, I feel almost crippled for being an early supporter of the game and that would be nice to have addressed somehow as well.
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