The Problem With Events

Personally, I enjoyed events more prior to the update. I can furthermore easily note that this is not the first time we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the price of refresh costs either. This exact same thing happened earlier, when the refresh prices for multiplayer chests were just all of a sudden massively increased inside of a “hidden update”.

While I appreciate that the team is trying to work towards finding a solution for events, I honestly don’t think that this is the right way to go about it. More and more it seems like your players are being punished for simply wanting to play the game; and that the ability to actually play the game for any kind of incentives is slowly being stripped away, one game mode at a time.

Don’t believe me? Well lets take a look:

What happens if you want to keep playing regular Multiplayer for rewards? You now face a massively increased cost just to refresh your chests. And what happens if you want to keep playing events for rewards? You again face a massively increased cost for ticket refreshes, with the added fact that this mode seems to have no realistic cap as to how many diamonds it can cost now.

The only PvP mode left that you can still play as much as you want to for any kind of rewards (that hasn’t yet seen a dramatic increase in price) is your Gauntlet mode. It begs the question, is it only a matter of time before the price to play this game mode goes up as well? :face_with_monocle:

I hate to say it, but I honestly feel like at the rate you’re going, you’re just going to end up pushing away a lot more of your dedicated player-base; simply because you keep choosing to drive up prices for anyone who wants to continue playing any of your game modes.

If people enjoy playing certain game modes more, then let them. But you can’t justify telling folks that they have to pay thousands upon thousands of diamonds now just to keep playing the same game mode that used to only cost a few hundred to play. That kind of justification will get old quick.

Long story short, this change really only serves to take away your players freedom. You have basically flat-out told people that they can’t play one of your game modes as much as they want to any more, unless they’re willing to spend an absolutely insane amount of extra diamonds to do it.

Not a good move.

My suggestion? Revert the change.

If you really wanted to remove the whole “paying cheaply to get an advantage in grinding and winning events” concept, then you should consider removing ticket refreshes entirely. Make the game mode similar to Multiplayer, in that players are free to play the event as much as they’d like in order to climb the leaderboards and reach the 50 rewards at the end.

Realistically though, it is safe to assume that kind of change most likely won’t ever happen; so my recommendation in this case then is to change the current tickets, to a form of “ranked event tickets”.

Put simply, once you run out of your “ranked event tickets”, you are still free to play the event for your regular 50 rewards (just like multiplayer), or you can still play the event for fun, but you cannot actually earn more rank towards winning the event unless you start the match with a ranked event ticket.

If this were the case, then at least the new event refresh prices would be somewhat more reasonable (as they would still discourage paying cheaply to grind endlessly and win, but they wouldn’t stop your players from continuing to play a fun game mode for enjoyment or rewards).


I really hope they read your post and take it seriously. Very articulate with impressive ideas. Thank you for expressing the exact frustration that so many of us are feeling.


Just doing my best to try and help out the community. It’s sad to see yet another great game mode locked behind an even greater paywall.

Hopefully we can get this change reverted back.


I hope so, but it seems like they’ve stopped replying to us all together

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We’ll see how it pans out. Most of the feedback I’ve heard thus far though in regards to this change has not been positive.


Hi Sunsets,

I just want to reply and let you know we are still reading your feedback and paying attention. I personally have read your post several times today and discussed it with other people on the team.

We are going to take a look at refresh costs and also the payouts of the win rewards from events after the current event that is running and see if we should make any adjustments for the upcoming weekend event.

Ultimately I think there are 2 different things we’re trying to balance here, which reading your feedback has made clearer to me:

  1. We need to calibrate how much grinding it takes to win an event leaderboard - the original reason for the refresh cost was to try and reduce this because we were seeing some people get ~100 wins and still only place #2 on the leaderboard, which felt too grindy for all players to be able to compete.
  2. We also need to balance how much players should be able to earn from grinding the win rewards in the events. We want to provide rewards for players who play events a lot, but we also have to control the amount of rewards you can earn purely from grinding (with no cost or very little cost) - this is why, for example, in regular multiplayer players can play for forever, but the reward chests will go on cooldown. This is similar to many other games - e.g., in Hearthstone, once you’ve finished your daily quests you can keep grinding to earn 10 gold for every 3 wins, but even that eventually exhausts at 100 gold per day. We are going to take a look at the refresh costs and also the payouts from the win rewards though because like I said it is a balance and it’s going to take some iteration to get right.

As always, I greatly appreciate the response. I’m very glad to hear that refresh costs will at least be under consideration.

As for the second part, I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Finding the balance between keeping events from being grind-to-win but also balancing event reward payouts isn’t an easy task.

Personally though, I think the current rewards system for events is doing a fairly good job, as it caps at a reasonable 50 wins. This means that anything beyond that point is nothing more than a diamond/ticket sink for leaderboard spots (Meaning your casual players can still get some great rewards from playing events, and your more dedicated players can still compete for top prizes without earning too much from just the regular rewards). But if these regular rewards need adjusting in order to effectively balance a change back to refresh prices, I could understand.


Is anything going to be done to address the numerous people who sandbag down by having max units and then keeping a deck artificially in gold,bronze,silver, stone just for easier event matchups?

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The rank from regular multiplayer has no impact on event matchups.

@S7Swede Can you explain what actually affects event matchups and how the new points system works? I’m not sure how the system currently defines a “stronger” opponent in events, also in terms of providing varying points rewarded per victory.

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I enjoy this game and want to continue playing and see it improve. It has a very loyal fan base, but as Sunsets said, you’re already at risk of losing some of your most active players. I understand the business model of pay to win and micro transactions but, there is just too many core mechanics of the game designed to force spending.

  • I’d like to see an experience system, where you can earn xp towards leveling a troop by using it in game.
  • increase the 12 win reward for Gauntlet. Right now it hardly seems worth playing at the rate you get tickets for it.
  • increase boss blitz reward. Alliance tokens are used for very little at higher level
  • once you hit champion what’s the point in climbing the leaderboard? Give incentives to be a top 100 player.
  • clan rewards for being a top 10 clan?

Just some thoughts from a loyal gamer


Match making could be based off of deck power, it’d make sense. It would stop me, who doesn’t have a single card above level twelve get matched with a maxed top tier player. A power range would make it so you can’t derank or spoof the system on purpose to exploit match making.


I like the idea of matching based on deck power

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THIS IS BRILLIANT! These ideas would keep players from quitting.

I lead an alliance that was passed off to me (unknowingly) my first week in the game. We’ve sucked ever since… and then last month a miracle happened… we made it IN the top 100… and to #35! I know, I know… big deal, right? Well, after the previous 7 mos of me trying to keep players, get some chatter going in our main chat, friendly banter, helping one another, and finding good officers (that wouldn’t get fed up and quit)… WELL, to our “little alliance that could” 35th was a VERY big deal! :smiley:

Aaaaaannnnd in the last month or so… we’re a “very active” alliance that isn’t even in the top 100 any longer.

So… of course moral has plummeted back down to “#struggleisreal” mode.

Day after day after day after blah blah blah…

We battle people with cards that are season legend cards, grinding with NO rewards (because even though I’ve sunk hundreds in this game I am sitting on 41 units I can’t upgrade bc of your absolutely absurd coin imbalance).

We battle opponents that are all kinds of rank colors we’ve never seen before (while we are WORKING our bottoms off to even get to Diamond and get busted back down 3 ranks every time we get close).

Sunsets hit every nail on their heads about events

But, we can always play campai… oh, wait. Well, there’s always Gauntl… oh wait, not at the rate we get tickets from chests.

Well, at least there’s quests… oh wait, the number of those you’d have going used to be 4 or 5 at a time. Now, 1… maybe 2, not counting the alliance ones and now … if you complete the boss battles too fast you literally can’t do ANYTHING in that directory for days. Can’t even spend 200 gems to play Gauntlet bc your gem rewards have shrunk to nothing.

You used to have $4.99 offers … now we BARELY see 9.99 ones. Even the expensive ones have very little coins for upgrades.

It would be different if your servers could even maintain a connection long enough to finish a match. I don’t wanna seem like a conspiracy nut… but seems like it happens more when you’re on a roll and come out of the gate “with a purpose”. I know! It would be crazy to suggest the game might infuriate players juuuuust enough to make them spend money they may have been holding out on… huh?

OH, and for goodness sake, can we get some consistency in the give and take of medals?!? I mean, REALLY. Even if we decide to continue to grind for almost nothing, what’s our reward for loyalty and dedication?.. yup, you take a huge chunk for losses (even when you match us up with players with WAY more skill) and give a teeny-tiny bit for a win (often after I feel bad bc you made me fight someone way below my puny skill level). And I shouldn’t feel badly because by that time, you’ve frustrated me to the point that I’ve hovered my finger over the “uninstall button” while I try to count to 10. But, I do feel badly for mopping the crater with them bc I know how it feels.

Btw, I’m not an idiot and I don’t expect handouts… I’m a 47 yr old radio dude who’s first game system was Pong. Yep… just pong. On a b&w tv… and I’ve enjoyed it since. First computer…l Tandy/Radio Shack with a cassette backup… and b&w tv (no monitors available). I GRIND your events and I’m not even half way to a legend yet. I will work if you just make it fair.

Your players DESERVE respect and fairness. Just LOOK at the brilliance in this persons post! You should offer Sunsets a job… honestly.

I don’t spend money on games like this. A “no more ads” here, a “support the developer” there… sure… but not the amount I’ve spent on your game (which I’m sure is nothing compared to some). I thought I was investing in a great game that I could be happy and proud to be a part of and watch grow. I no longer “can’t wait to play!” You’ve removed my joy I once got from this game. I won’t be spending another dime until I see the hundreds I’ve spent yield a return.

Don’t keep going down this road until you Khalid. That’s right, with all your players gone, you’ll have to play your own game as the only person still here… and afterward you’ll look in the mirror and say… “congratulations, you played yourself.”

Yeah, my jokes are cheesy… please fix your game… and for goodness sake, listen to your players that are much smarter than me… (again, this post is brilliant!)


HERE HERE! Good show!

Great idea! I agree!

Careful, they put me on a week suspension from the forum for lobbying against their current mechanics lol

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There was no warning or news of the ticket price change. i didnt even relized the change till i ran out of diamonds wasting 1200 on my last 4. just out of not paying attention and in rush to get more tickets. Also it isnt impossible to even get 50 wins in 2 days by refilling the meter. say u get 4 tickets free every 6 hours that 16 tickets in a day. 32 in 2 days hmmm something doesnt add up looks like i gotta buy tickets now . winner has the most money to throw away. how about everybody gets the same amount of possible attempts if they are active enough… like heres your 32 possible trys for the next 2 days now whos the best??? instead of top 100 players just advancing further ahead everytime

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Regarding your question on event matchmaking, as @S7Swede mentioned, your rank from regular multiplayer doesn’t affect your event matchups. We use a separate event matchmaking rating for this. You start each event at an event rating based on a few factors including the level of the units in your collection that are playable in this event. This is to ensure someone who has level 17 units doesn’t randomly pair against someone with level 10 units at the start of the event. You are then matched against other players close to you in rating, and your rating increases or decreases as you win or lose (same as in normal ranked matches), ideally quickly getting you to a point where you are winning about 50% of your matches. You gain more event points for a win the higher the event rating of your opponent is.


Hi Slade - thanks for sending in these suggestions. We’ve actively discussed some of these, and have some ideas for how we can overhaul Boss Blitz to make it more valuable, but it’s going to take some time. Right now we’re focused on getting Seasons and events working properly.

In the longer run we absolutely want to make alliances a more integral part of the game, including alliance vs alliance competitions (with rewards), and making Boss Blitz more valuable and social.