The past few events have been Val vs Val virtually

Every game. She’s too strong in events, I’d like to be able to play a different commander from time to time.


Agreed. Everyone plays Val, and nothing else is viable for events. We need something comparable for other factions, maybe even going as far as factories. Val and her little robots are irritating to say the least, and it makes battles very redundant.

We agree and have been discussing various options to address this. I don’t have a specific solution or timeline at this date but I believe it’s climbing to the top of our priority list.


There are several issues that cause this phenomonon

  1. Factories are the only persistent effect from the commanders all others are one and done, yes Avasa’s turrets stay around but once you get the tech unlock they are just in the way and not so tough that it’s like another barrier. In fact the turrets block me placing my own cards down half the time. Factories keep producing robots forever.

  2. The robots get in the way of other mobs too much. Since we can’t select a target if you need to kill a specific mob but there are 10 robots around you aren’t hitting your target.

  3. For some events the robots break the rules. Specifically the one which is all units only target ground or air, the robots target both.

  4. When you can play a card to take out the robots and still damage the barrier, one deadeye behind the barrier generally eliminates your card. Pyro, alchemist, even reaper all fall this way all the time.


Now that coins have been dealt with…

Is anything being considered about this for boom it’s even more pronounced as factories keep putting out mini explosions. It’s really getting tiring getting beaten by much lower level Val’s just because of pure advantages that Val gets in most of the event set ups.

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We’ve discussed internally changing events so only certain commanders are included/excluded per event —- similar to cards.

I personally think it’s a great idea.

It’s not something which has gone into production or scheduled yet.

Sounds good on paper, but what about all those people who only have one or two commanders leveled?

Maybe let them choose a commander to boost temporarily for the event? Up to whatever level they have the banned commander at?

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I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. Personally I think you need to look at the balance when one commander has a persistent advantage and everyone else is a one time advantage for their specials especially a persistent advantage that keeps putting out more mobs. Maybe factories should only put out a set number of mobs, makes it more like reinforcements then.

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And I know that will be an unpopular statement among Val players and yes the actual bot strength would likely need to be adjusted.

Yeah agree Val is pretty good in events, mostly because of the reasons you wrote above.

She’s not overpowered across the board though — in normal “ranked” mode, she doesn’t have a win rate which is higher than the other commanders. It’s really hard / impossible to design all units to be balanced in all the different contexts, 1v1, 2v2, all the different event modes.

Personally I think it’s okay if a certain unit or combination of units is “very good” for a certain week’s event as long as it doesn’t happen every single time forever…

Val and riot cannon are always good in events

Val is always overpowered in events.

This event is another perfect example of Val overpowered in events. Play a card draw a card, this makes the deck go faster which means having infinite mobs is another heavily overpowered ability because even when out of cards you keep making mobs.

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By the way add riot cannon to Val and it’s even worse, infinite spawning mobs plus infinite shield, turret, and building takedown all positioned behind barriers. Turrets are one of the few ways to hold off factories and riot cannon targets them and destroys them easily.

I personally am in complete agreement with you.

I will ask if we can rearrange the schedule to try to get this prioritized.


My last 18 event games have been vs Val, and that’s just what I can see, lol

Interesting. May I ask which commander you’ve chosen for this event @CrispyLardon?

I’m happy rogue is useful in events, because it’s not good for much else :rofl:

Val, because there is no other choice

Our team just ran the numbers and Val currently has the LOWEST winrate of any commander outside of events – by a pretty large margin.

We definitely will not be “nerfing” Val generally. We’ll be coming up with a solution specific to events.

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