The one that got away

Missiles do not appear to be working on this campaign level.


@YouCanCallMeAl Can you provide more details on how you’re using the Seeker Missile Tactic, and what appears to not be working?

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Sure. When I place the missels on the field, they launch from the lead character, but then disappear in mid air hitting nothing


@S7NotABot any feedback?

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We’ve made some progress on this today and should be on our way to a fix for it. No ETA yet, but we’ll try to get it fixed ASAP. A big Thanks to all who reached out to us and provided video of the issue!

Hi. We’re having trouble reproducing this issue internally. Can you plz make a video using the iOS tray’s recording option? It would help us fix this much faster.

(note to self reference 59486)

We believe we have created a fix for this problem. I can’t give an exact ETA, but it should roll out with the next app update. I’m sorry you had to experience this problem.

You! I’ve never run an in game video before. Sorry I couldn’t help.

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