The New “Top Players” and “Alliance Activity” screens

Noticed that the Top Players ranking appears to be based on the ELO score, which is also part of the Alliance Activity screen. My alliance appears to have several players with higher scores than the players on the bottom of the Top Players list but aren’t on the list.

Are there less obvious factors as to how the Top Players list is defined? I don’t care personally if I’m ever on the list or not but it just seems odd.

You’re supposed to be in champion league to be eligible for that list. The lower powered players on the list 10k and below. I assume they are skilled players and worked their way to champion. Probably got their before the latest update

Unfortunately the “Top Players” leaderboard was only built for the system where medals go up/down by 20. It couldn’t handle the change properly, and is now bugged. Related: Many players all see themselves at the #1 player on this leaderboard :drooling_face:

Ha - that’s the only way I’ll ever see myself at the top of the leaderboard, and I don’t even get that! :wink:

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