The new alliance quests

I hadn’t collected the piggy bank today when suddenly after a Multiplayer fight I get a collect the award notice and the piggy bank is now set at 2 instead of the 40+ it was at before. There doesn’t seem to be the time to collect the last reward before it resets.

Hi @Lyth

Oh man that sounds bad. I’m not sure I exactly understand what you’re saying. I don’t suppose you have screenshots?

I don’t have screen shots but let me try to explain it better.

My guild finished 40+ of the quests into the piggy bank

It gave me the option to collect but I didn’t grab it yet, I wasn’t sure if it could get closer to full.

I played a couple of multiplayer games.

When I finished one of the multiplayer games I came out and it let me/made me collect the 25 token quest for completing A 2v2 I think and now the piggy bank just showed 2 turn ins not 40 and I lost the turn in to get 400 tokens.

Oh… it sounds like you didn’t claim your win before the day ended and it rolled over to the next day. So you get marked as if you didn’t do the task today.

You should generally collect immediately when it appears — there’s no downside to doing it.

How long do we have to collect it, the timing of it all doesn’t seem clear.

There should be a ticking timer in the Alliance main screen that starts with “Available In…”. This is generally the timer for rewards reset. Is this timer ticking down on your screen?

Yes this says when they can fist be clicked not when it stops being available. It seems like it went away in a very short time after it was available. So short that I lost 400 tokens because I didn’t click it.

@Lyth I’ve manually credited your game with the missing Tokens.

We looked into this a bit more and it looks to be the fault of a bug with Alliances with more than 50 players. Players who complete the challenge after #50 aren’t able to collect the reward. This is really terrible, and we’re prioritizing a fix as soon as possible, but it will require a version update.

In the meantime, if you or any teammates weren’t able to collect the Season Tokens, please reach out through our support portal at so that we can manually credit them. Again, sorry for the trouble.

Thanks though I don’t think we had hit 50 yet in my example. I appreciate the quick feedback and fix

It happened to me again, this time I don’t even have the option to collect the back it’s just gone. I probably wasn’t on right when it reset and this time I didn’t finish the new days quest but I see it there. We were at at least 45 people in. Not sure what’s going on but I’m not getting the rewards.

Hi @Lyth thank you for reporting this. Me and one of our engineers are going to look through your logs to try to figure out what is happening.

Thanks, I appreciate it. It looks like the old quest is just resetting to the new one before I can do anything.

The chest just became available and I was online and ready when it did. Collect lit up but I couldn’t click it, the busy circle popped up and it shifted to the new quest without me being able to collect the reward. It’s happening every day now and I’ve lost multiple awards with one being restored by you S7campusLifer and the others not being available.

Hi @Lyth. Thank you for reporting. We’re still looking for the source of the bug but haven’t managed to find it yet. If you can try to take a video tomorrow it would be pretty helpful for us to figure out what is going on. Thanks again

I’m not sure how to take a video of it.

Tonight it worked and I got the tokens from the piggy bank, so the prior 3 I missed with one restored to me. I don’t know what the difference was tonight except I wasn’t online when it was rewarded and the 2 before it I was.

This just happened to me although we didn’t have 50 players complete the quest. (49!). But I was doing 2v2s and when I went to alliance there was no option to collect only the GO button to start the next quest

Anything new on this, last couple of days have worked for me but there are still several days I never got rewarded for and we haven’t heard it was fixed, it just seems to have started working.

Hi everyone.

Today’s update should fix some of the bugs reported here, but sadly not all of them. We fixed as much as we could fit into the next app update “before the train left the station.”

We will be fixing the remaining issues we’ve heard about for the next app update. In the meantime, I ask that you send in messages to our support team whenever you experience a bug so that they can credit you.

I apologize that we could not get all of the bug fixes into the latest app update before it was submitted. It’s proven very difficult to reproduce what people are seeing “in the lab”, so we weren’t able to zero in on all of the cases quickly enough.

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Just a suggestion, but it might promote more competition between clans if, they higher you’re ranked on top 100, you get more rewards for the daily quests. (Not much but maybe have a tiered multiplier similar to events) I also think they should get harder/more bountiful as you complete them. For instance, say your team has 50 members complete one game everyday for a week; next week maybe it goes to two games and maybe ramps up to something like a recruitment challenge where it might take a bit more time and you get better/more rewards for all 50 completing. Just an idea but I’m sure something like that could get the more active teams to be motivated to hit that battle button more often which we so desperately need.