The math behind dust

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So now that I’m running out of dust for rogue and still haven’t maxed out many cards despite the million dust we were given I’m taking a closer look at the dust system and I’ve found the big problem in the math.

It’s all well and good to tell us they cut down the cards required per level but the cards required to generate the dust is the hidden factor. The amount of dust needed is excessive. To bring any card up from 10 to 17 it takes 336000 dust of the right type. Which means you need to scrap 336 common cards while collecting cards to max. The math doesn’t make sense when the ability to earn cards dropped to essentially 1 per day. Now on top of that you took away most of our extra cards when the update went through so cards we had were reduced by a factor of 25 approximately (I had over 10000 longshot and ended up with just over 400). If I had my original extras I would have sufficient dust to upgrade things I could have upgraded before the 2.5 update once I collected the gold and now I clearly do not. Yes before 2.5 you needed to collect more cards but they also dropped at a MUCH higher rate. Once again your math doesn’t work. Once again you essentially stole money from me because I paid cash for many of those cards.


Since I made multiple purchases which allowed me to upgrade these cards to a given level and post purchase the company changed my ability to do so I have a problem with that. Especially since you took away cards I had purchased. I believe this is a direct violation of the terms of service with Apple and the App Store. I would like a response to this and I would like my purchases restored to the appropriate level.


Card counts were adjusted to the same percentage of progress between level0 and max level as discussed in detail in many prior threads. We’ve done a bunch of iterations to make sure we’ve transitioned each players to the equivalent amount of progress and then adding a bunch of extras on top of that.

The dust system is where the problem come in and the chest I will never be about to max a card cuz I’m not selling my cards that I spend real money for and the only way to get 114k dust is to sell cards one cards per day is such a drag one card from chest is not worth spending any money on so yes y’all give the cards to get level 17 but the dust makes u sell them to make one max horrible decision to add dust idk who or what y’all was thinking of by doing so then y’all didn’t add anyway to get dust not even by spending coins gold or money took away coins from chest lower tokens y’all fucked up this game next update whenever that might be hope it’s a good one cuz it not I’m sure u will lose the remaining players y’all have

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You might want to use punctuation and learnt to write properly, if you want people to be able to read you. Worth case try only “subject verb complement” then “.” Sorry but despites the effort, can t get you.


It’s all together I’m not trying to be a teacher or some type of grammar pro but if u can read it’s basic reading but I guess u a grammar pro

Am also somewhat concerned that there’s not enough dust in the game … have gone through nearly the 1 million Rogue dust already, and am barely lvl 14 on my Rogue cards. Can see this being a significant, off-putting problem coming up.

You should add all faction dust to the daily rewards, e.g. for completing the Daily.

Would help all round.

Would certainly help the alliances come alive a bit more, given the pasting we’ve all taken with the current death of 2v2.

It’s not even possible to play 2v2 any more … no one around to compete with.


It doesn’t matter I paid for the cards you are not allowed to simply remove items that were paid for as an in app purchase per Apple policy from what I can tell.

In addition prior to the removal I could upgrade every card once I collected the coin, now I can’t because of the dust and the removal of cards that could be turned into dust. The very fact that you gave us a million dust shows you realized there was an issue but the million wasn’t close to enough to make up for what you did. I bought the cards in the anticipation of being able to upgrade but you have essentially negated that and thus the cards that are left have very little worth. I would never have paid what you charged for what you have left us.


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I’ll ask another simple question. Under the old system per a post from S7Dave (I believe it was Dave) a person who was free to play could reasonably expect to be able to get all the base (non season) units to 17 in a year of solid play. Under your new system how long will it take a free to play player to max all the non season units to level 17? The answer I expect will be at least 5 years now if not more and for legendaries I doubt they can since the cards are a 1% random drop. I’m going to ask you to show your work because honestly if you say something lower I doubt I will believe you without proof.

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Totally agree @𝓚𝓻𝓾𝓼𝓲. Maybe a dust reward for helping in boss blitz or raids. Even dust as a reward in 2v2.


Does it make more or less sense when you’re calling people out for grammatical errors and you have just as many? Does that help your seemingly non existent point, or hurt it?


Considering he’s French, I think it’s pretty bad if he has to give English lessons. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Took me a year of solid play in the old system basically ignoring the other two factions and still have 9 cards that aren’t maxed in rogue. Since daves 1 year estimate was probably low and they’ll undoubtedly add some additional bs in an update to slow advancement down further I’m going to have to disagree with your 5 year guess.

A f2p player can expect to play for a decade to almost max 1 faction.

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Hi. I’ve responded to this feedback when it came up last time around. Please see prior threads.

He doesn’t have to…same as I wouldn’t start an off topic berating of him about his French.

He didn’t actually contribute to the thread other than to comment on its grammatical structure, with numerous errors. Just seems kind of pointless.

I read your previous replies, they were lacking. Just telling you now that you have an opportunity to do a good thing here, or continue to fk up.

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Where, I think this is the first time you didn’t put a big quote or a link when you said you responded to something before. I think I read everything in these forums and I don’t remember these points being responded to.

Hi Lyth it was just a justification for how they calculated it. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they had it right. They don’t.

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I notice you haven’t given an answer to how long under the new system it will take to max out all the base cards as a free to play. We were told a year under the original card system but after the coin nerf. What is it now. I think we all deserve that answer. I also would like to see some form of proof because simply saying a year won’t make us believe it.

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Bla Bla Bla. Nobody believes the propaganda you are pushing on any level. I don’t think you have a clue what is really happening in the game and don’t really care. You have the worst customer service skills of anybody I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.