The July 18 Frenzy Event

I have to say, looking at the cards chosen for the event that I’ve never seen a more blatant selection designed to give the people at the top even more. All 6 of the current new cards are in which means people who earned or bought a ton of tokens are at an even bigger advantage than normal and advantage which can’t possibly be offset by normal cards as there aren’t enough non-season cards available to help. I’m gonna chalk this event up as a loss and doubt I will be investing many gems into it since my highest season card is 12 compared to people I’ve seen walking around with level 17s already.

What possibly could have made this look like a good idea or something the majority of players would feel is fun.


Now that I’ve seen the 9 slots forced and played it I can say this is the stupidest, worst designed, least fun thing you have ever done. Thanks for wasting the weekend and ruining the fun. You might think I’m being negative, over sensitive, or not giving it a chance but to force us into this where it’s purely about who spent to get furthest ahead with the new units is pathetic.

This event is more biased to one commander than any other event has been. While Val has been generally a bit too good for events overall in this event only one commander is remotely relevant.


Avasa mains with upgraded legion seasonal units have an extreme advantage in this event.

I totally agree with you guys. And why did you guys have to force 9 season units?
Most people don’t even have those units and only those ho pay big money are able to compete.

I don’t mean any disrespect here but this event is yet another attempt at rewarding the top spenders and punishing the average player or forcing them to spend big money to even stay relevant. Not cool guys

Agreed. The last event was bananas but still a sort of scrappy fun. This event is plainly not enjoyable.

As an avasa main it’s true I have a pretty big advantage over most others. With 9 units preselected it’s tough to build a deck that can be effective early which would be the only way to counter avasa in this one. However, because this is frenzy and every card essentially acts as a ranger avasa is going to have an advantage anyway since you won’t have to worry about the draw penalties after researching.

Actually it seems when you play a card while the lab is researching you don’t draw one.

I remember playing another game with a side mode similar to this, where you Made your deck from a restricted pool of cards. The nice thing was all units were set to a default level based on their rarity. If they wanted to make a serious tournament like gamemode they would have done something similar to have the most skilled come out on top.

Funny, that’s exactly what bought me here. Had the Rebel Sky developers not been so abusive in their greed I wouldn’t be so aware and perhaps spend more today but the fact is the business model is very much pay-to-play.

Even from the point of view, a Herald, a Season 1 Rare unit is no where to be seen. Never mind other factions or “Legendary” (haha - more like if you can’t play with skill spend money on this)

You have once again over stepped the mark with your greed; I just won’t be duped again.

@Lyth true you don’t but you still have 3 other chances just gotta wait until you’re done researching and your hand can fill pretty quickly

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