The issue with ELO based ranks

ELO is a system that carries over from chess, and in that game it’s a very good metric for judging how well a player performs in competitive play. It works mostly because chess is an incredibly balanced game: both players have an equal numbers of pawns and pieces, the starting positions are identical, and in a match both players play both colors (this is done because white has the advantage of going first).

In contrast, Wild Beyond is a game where matches are inherently unbalanced: the players don’t have identical decks, luck of the draw is a function, unit and barricade levels add further asymmetry, and the card Madness exists. Considering these traits of the game, it makes little sense that an ELO based system should be in place. Have you considered altering the way rank works? Or maybe worked to reduce the asymmetry in matchups?


Totally agree! I have been In Matches where I have lost to much lower ranked opponents simply because of my cards dealt. In the rematch though I have handled him/her soundly. Decks, and more importantly, the way the cards are dealt… speak just as much to the victor as ELO does.

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We’ve kicked around ideas to revamp the system, but it’s a very drastic change — it would takes months to implement, probably a few versions to work through the bugs and probably have a bunch of fallout we haven’t thought through yet.

If/when we do it, it will take a while — not something which come out quickly.

@PranksterP I wish that I could give you 100 :heart: ‘s for your post. I like so much about this game; the gameplay, modeling, animation, relative balance between factions and the interactiveness of the developers. But I utterly despise the ELO matchmaking system and the frustration that it creates is nearly universal. I’ve been in two alliances and everyone hates it. I realize that it’s anecdotal evidence and I’ve argued with a couple people who tried to highbrow me into thinking that I’m too much of a simpleton to understand the beauty of a system stacking the deck against you until you lose a sufficient number of times to satisfy the Targeted Win/Loss Ratio Gods. The matchmaking system is what’s holding back the game from being great. It takes too much skill out of the game; you’re too good at beating people in your weight class? Fine, let’s see the pro’s tear you up for about three games in a row. Humbled now? Ok, now you can go kick 2nd graders in the sandbox for a match or two. I can predict the winner of the fight 80%+ of the time before a single card is played. This is why Gauntlet is infinitely more fun than open pvp.


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