The devs tried everything they had to prevent me from winning

Hi devs,

I don’t really know how you guys designed the AI and whole bot system. I’m feeling very frustrated during the fights in the event, not from the real players but bots (or so-called boosted players). There were several types of unfair fights I had. First I was only paired with Val like 9 out of 10 bots are Val since she has some edge in this event. And I kept being fed with Val most of the fights. Most of the bots always had the right card at the right time to counter my action, making me feel like fool. The other non Val bots are loaded with maxed out cards whereas mine are 14 to 15 and only two units at 17. And there was one fight my commander was downgraded to lvl 12 from lvl 15 because my opponent was lvl 12. I don’t know what purpose the bot system serves in the event. Just to frustrate players who buy tickets? The game makes me want to smash my iPad. If you guys don’t want to players to win or get the medal they deserve, I don’t know what else to say but quit. Congrats to whoever designed the bot system to turn down players and drive them away! Good job!

I noticed often times tickets that are refreshed via gems aren’t worth the spend… eg they would get a very low paying opponent.
To me this makes sense since it would keep things more fair… so it would cost huge amounts of gems to get a big gap in medals.

S7CampusLifer gave a pretty lengthy response last night. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread is closed for being a duplicate post

If the company has no intent to retain their customers, they are very welcome to do this. Remember there is no fairness without hurting a group of people in this pay game.

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