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Hi Team,

Currently, a lot of players are trapped into playing a deck they may have chosen when they didn’t know much about the game. The reason: coin economy. Currently, it is a bit too difficult to earn coins especially when one upgrade can take weeks of saving for the average player. Events offer a chance at a small boost, but if someone wanted to try new units or a different faction the time and cost it would take to make that faction relevant would make it way too unappealing. Add in fear of falling behind in rankings from not focusing one deck, and you have a player that is stuck to one faction.

I think the solution can come in many ways and all players can benefit from an increased amount of resource to power up the decks they work so hard on. Here are a few of my suggestions.

  1. Increase pvp coin drop - larger the increase the better imo.
  2. Have a weekend event that gives massive loot. Have all related rewards give a ton of coins, for eg 300k for number 1 etc etc.
  3. Add a daily log in calendar that gives out coins and other items. This increases daily activity which is great for the overall game!
  4. Increase coins given from quest and gauntlet.

These are just a few rapid-fire ideas, but something should be done to help move players forward that is currently gated behind coin upgrades. While I encourage supporting the developers by spending on the game, it shouldn’t be the only way to get decent loot in the game for upgrades, and it is important for the overall activity of the game that all players have a fair shot at being competitive and diversifying their play style.

Thanks for reading.

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I actually really like the idea of a daily login bonus, I think that would be a great compliment for this game.

But yes, I agree with you, farming coins is currently one of the biggest hardships within the game, and something I’ve been trying to find ideas to help improve on. (The issue really became a problem for me when the refresh prices for chests were drastically increased).

Hopefully we will eventually find a solution that works for both the players and dev team.

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Yeah it’s a major drawback right now. So many players waiting forever just for a single unit upgrade



Our current coin economy is the result of lots focused of planning, analytics and experimentation. I happen to sit next to the guy who is responsible for doing it. :slight_smile: He continues to model, monitor, experiment, read results and tweak.

Philosophically, I agree that it’s a shame it’s difficult to try out different decks once you have invested time/energy/money in going deep in developing one of them. I’m told this problem is also true in most collectable card games though (magic the gathering, hearthstone, etc). My understanding is the way these games allow you to have a release valve is “sealed” events where you get to try out some other randomized cards (such as our Gauntlet mode) or letting people trade-in their deck for another deck (e.g., literally trading cards or “dusting” your cards for parts of other ones).


Not necessarily “trading” a deck for a different one per se. Moreso just the ability to “dust” useless extra cards for coins would suffice (Similar to Hearthstone).

Right now, we receive hundreds and thousands of extra units but have nothing to really do with them (For example, when I receive cards for units I’ve already maxed out? Completely useless).

However, being able to exchange our extra or unwanted units back for a reasonable sum of coins would be amazing, and would give us the coins necessary to power up our other decks.


Dusting would indeed be amazing, or lowering the cost of coins in the shop. 100k coins for basically $100 is a joke when one card costs that much to upgrade


Haha ok it sounds like there’s two separate concerns (1) it’s too hard to switch decks and play with other playstyles (2) it’s takes too much time / money / effort to get my favorite deck to max level :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes to both of those. But they both stem from high upgrade cost and low coin earnings. For example legion is my main deck, but I can only play with the top 1/4th of my alliance in 2v2s with it. I have a rogue deck that I would love to power up and use as my mid tier deck but I have to focus 100% of my coins on main deck just to stay competitive. Even with my hyper focus I still have several upgrades waiting on coins. This is after investing into gems for pvp refresh and other bundles. One of the cards I need to power us is comepletely un-used in my battle deck but is needed for commander level up.

So I think there are a few issues here that stems from low coin gains and high upgrade cost. Flexibility in play style, commander usage and upgrading your deck to its max potential(even after you have collected the number of cards to do so), flexibility to play with alliance mates with other decks etc etc

Dusting unused cards would be a good way to help bridge the gap and give players some resources back that they can reallocate. I do like the deck trade option for players looking to change their play style as well, though I think more coins is the solution that helps with flexibility in decks.


I’ll make one comment on the original post which said have a tournament with 300k reward for top. That sort of thing just makes the top end more top end. People need to be able to earn and catch up.

Now to reply to the S7 comment. The guy modeling coin economy is wrong. The coin economy is too slow period. There are 2 additional problems contributing to this, 1) the difference in power of the cards once they get upgraded is high enough that once you get the higher cards it’s much easier to beat people still below you. I can be destroying an opponent and then they get one card out that’s 3 or 4 levels higher and they wipe the floor with me no matter how far ahead I was and 2) the match making is still terrible so at gold one I might be up against a silver 4 that actually has level 15 or 16 cards when my top is level 13.


@Lyth You’re unfortunately completely missing the point of the coin modeller’s job. It isn’t to maximize player satisfaction; obviously, as players we would much rather have the game be levelless, and ranks be entirely based off skill.

The modeller’s job is instead optimizing for total game revenue and player spending first and foremost, and player satisfaction second. That’s why most of the suggestions in this thread will NOT be implemented; they won’t dare implement something that could easily reduce their revenue by 10 or 20%. And obviously their current p2w model is working— I’m sure all of us have had the urge to purchase from the store to increase our unit levels, and may have even spent significant amounts of money already. Call it emotional manipulation, call it standard microtransaction practice, the point stands that they are a business that needs to make money, and have decided to make the tradeoff to sacrifice their game’s basic competitive integrity for $$$. Because it works.

If you want to provide a suggestion to increase coins, you have to give and take. More coins, but less diamonds. More coins, but high level cap. More coins, but higher price for elite. You can’t just say “give more coins,” they are a business that is highly unlikely to implement a strategy whose first order immediate effects will lower their revenue.

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To put it simply, they WANT you to get wrecked by that random level 16 lightning walker behind a level 17 fortress mech, because the more frustrated you feel, the more likely you are to spend $$$$$ to get your units up there too.


Developers want players to enjoy the game and have a progression system that allows them to do so. Of course there is balance in everything, saying that they won’t do anything to help the enjoyment of the game is a very synic outlook that leads to players quitting. I’m here making suggestions because I believe they care about their game and are open to suggestions.


I have suggested this numerous times. They said they won’t allow us to sell back cards to them. :smirk:


I’ve actually spent a significant amount less out of frustration. When I could refresh chests for a reasonable amount, I did it all day long on my days off. When it was easier to get fair matchups and not be put against the same level 17s ten times in a row and/or have people quitting all the time because the game allows it, I played a lot more. Now, I’ve just started playing other games more and this one much less.


I never said they “won’t do anything” to help their game. They’re one of the better companies in player engagement from what I’ve seen. What I think they won’t do anything that’ll make their revenue go down, like “massively increase coin drops.”


I would spend more on units if I had the coins for o upgrade them. I would also spend more on pvp refreshes if it dropped more coins. I’d also buy skins for my fav commanders. So increase in coin drop would actually make players like myself spend more, because I would feel like I’m getting value from it


Hmm I agree that could be true.

Because it is definitely true that at least one (number of unit cards) or (amount of coins) has to be a bottleneck to progression. Right now, the bottleneck is (number of unit cards). But for some reason, it feels psychologically worse to have the necessary amount of cards to upgrade, and have the big green “Upgrade” button, and not have the coins to upgrade, compared to the alternative which is having the a good amount of coins, but not enough units. But there are probably problems with that as well, because coins work for all units but unit cards only work to their unit (creating multiple little bottlenecks). So I think they’ll keep coins a bottleneck.

Anyway if they made it easier to progress then we’d all quickly hit 17 and never spend money again. At the end of the day, they’re a business and you can’t fault them for wanting to make money from what they made. I mean, just look at the game they created, from the artwork to the surprisingly nuanced gameplay to the visuals…


@Jinduckey I get that a system modeler has getting players to spend real cash as part of their purpose. The point is players spend less and leave when they are frustrated. Last game I played before joining this one I spent plenty, I left when the spending became too required to do anything without it and the game wasn’t fun anymore. A good modeler keeps a balance between progress and cost, between in game spending and real money spending. In this game it’s too far to the real money side.

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