The coin problem - any updates?

Hello team,

I had posted before about the massive wall players run into because lack of coins or any realistic ways of getting more without spending a boat load of money. Any updates on this?

The easiest fix is to increase coins from multiplayer chest drop as… right now it’s absolute crap. It takes way too many (50-100) chest, for 1 upgrade.

I love the game and want to see it grow and prosper, but I also find myself playing it less and less. I promote activity as one of the top leaders in the game, but we need to see some real improvements in favor of the player base for this game to move upwards.

Appreciate any insights you can share it to what’s being done.



Our coming updates will have some additions that affect earning coins. I don’t have specific details yet, but please look out for new posts which will.


I’ve noticed that you barely play anymore. Someone asked me the other day if you still play, and I told them you do, but that you’re very frustrated with this coin thing.

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Definitely not as much as used to, events haven’t recovered from the issues it had and coing-gate is still stifling flexibility and growth of most people’s decks

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We could def use some Alliance vs Alliance features too

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