The chest refilling time mechanism - pls change

It resets the clock at about 3-4am at my time, which means if I want to accumulate the most chests for the day, I’d have to start some games in the morning. Sometimes it takes 40 minutes to finish the first and second set of chests, along with event games. I just don’t think people have that much time in the morning to constantly bump into opponents 3 leagues above you just to lose the games. As I have addressed before, I really don’t care how many leagues you want to drop me for humiliation for your “fun” purposes, as long as I can get the chest fast. Why is it so hard to adjust the reset clock some time in the afternoon or have chest refill time intervals be constant?

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They would have to make a different server per time zone simply to accommodate this. I highly doubt that maxing out daily chest is that big of a priority because even though it sounds like a simple request, it definitely isn’t.

You can do reset timer locally on users’ devices. It doesn’t matter which server the user logs into, as long as it’s 4pm on user’s phone, chest-refill-frequency resets. It’s not that hard.

That would leave it open to spoofing your time to manipulating the system which is exactly why games don’t do that


Can a real Wild Beyond rep answer this question please?

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Lol they probably ignored it because I said exactly what they will tell you homie

@Trey7 pretty much hit each nail on the head:

  • Different time zones
  • Client-side timers leave open the door for exploiting this system

Glad I could help lol


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